Day 1. Travelling to Funchal, Madeira

The first day of our week long holiday in Funchal, Madeira

Day 2. Exploring Funchal, Madeira

Exploring Funchal, Madeira

Day 3. Funchal’s traditional market hall and a coastal walk

A visit to Funchal's Market Hall and a stroll along the cliff tops

Day 4. Riding the Cable Car to Monte

Riding the cable car to Monte

Day 5. Madeira’s mountain range : Curral das Freiras

A trip to Madeira's mountains

Day 6. Camara da Lobos

A visit along the coast to Camara da Lobos

Day 7 Relaxing in Funchal, Madeira

Relaxing in the Funchal sunshine

Day 8. A visit to Sao Tiago Fort, Funchal

A day around Funchal

Day 9. Travelling home from Funchal, Madeira

Our final day in Funchal