Day 7 Relaxing in Funchal, Madeira

Portuguese Custard Tarts
Delicious Portuguese custard tarts for breakfast

We were appreciative of yet another November morning filled with warm sunshine. Eating breakfast overlooking the harbour, we watched a large cruise liner slowly slip into the terminal.  Another lazy day, we read our daily newspaper freshly downloaded onto our iPads then thought it was time to make a move.  We decided on a leisurely walk out of town, passing the historic pink facade of the Reid’s Palace Hotel which dates back to the 1890’s, then along past the Lido and the newer part of town known as the ‘hotel zone’ which is home to a cluster of modern hotels.  We were more than happy with our choice of hotel, the Casino Park, designed by the noted Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and built in the 1970’s.  It’s now a listed building and is one of the closest hotel’s to the town centre.  It’s classified as a 5 star, but I think this is perhaps rather generous, the balcony furniture needed replacing and the carpets on the upper corridors were a little worn.

Funchal, Madeira
Funchal, Madeira
Continuing along the coastal path we arrived at The Forum,  a modern shopping centre with a central courtyard.  We browsed the shops and I bought a pair of good quality walking shoes which appeared much cheaper than at home.  Afterwards we sipped cappuccinos in the food court cafe before returning to our hotel along the clifftop.
Forum Shopping Centre, Funchal
Forum Shopping Centre, Funchal

Feeling better for our 90 minute walk, we changed into swimwear and found a shady spot around the pool to read books on our Kindle’s and doze a little in the warm Autumn sunshine.

Casino Park Hotel, Funchal
Relaxing by the pool in Funchal

We ate dinner in one of our favourite town centre restaurants and then returned along the waterfront.  It’s far quieter there in the evenings when the cruise liner passengers have returned to their ships and set sail to their next destinations.  To end the day we relaxed in the hotel lounge listening to the live music which is always of a high standard.

Casino Park Hotel, Funchal
Casino Park Hotel, Funchal

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7 thoughts on “Day 7 Relaxing in Funchal, Madeira

  1. It is a pleasure traveling with you on my laptop computer, old man winter winter will come slipping and slding up the path here soon. He spends about nine months with us, in the Midwestern USA. The snow and ice, are nice for the youngsters but I do believe I will spend more time inside this winter.
    Be safe and happy in your travels.


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