Lapland Hotel, Tampere

Lapland Hotels Tampere, Finland

Hotel Review Location Tampere is located in southern Finland, 160 km (100 miles) north of the capital Helsinki. Lapland Hotels Tampere is just a few minutes walk from the railway station and the city centre attractions. I flew from Helsinki and arrived into Tampere Pirkkala airport which is 17km (10.6 miles) from the city centre …

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Finnair Tampere Boarding Screen

Day 1. My journey to Tampere, Finland

Those of you who are regular readers of my blog may already be aware that recently I won an international blog contest organised by Talent Tampere a division of Business Tampere which links companies with internationals and their networks.  My prize was a four day visit to Tampere, Finland's third largest city to explore the international …

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Tammerkoski, Tampere, Finland

Day 2. The Moomin Museum & enjoying Tampere’s nature

I wish all mornings could start like this, waking in my luxurious suite at the Lapland Hotels Tampere and then enjoying a delicious breakfast in the hotel's Dabbal restaurant. The dining area oozes Nordic charm having Lapland styled furnishings such as reindeer rugs and antler horns. The buffet breakfast included several Lapland delicacies such as …

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Crazy Town, Tampere, Finland

Day 3. Crazy Town, Tampere

After sampling more Lapland delicacies at breakfast, I donned my boots and warm coat and walked across town with Maiju, my host from Talent Tampere. The conditions were perfect for walking, the snow being crisp underfoot with no dangerous icy patches to contend with. Our first destination of the day was at Crazy Town which …

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Tampere Old Church, Finland

Day 4. Vaprikki Museum, Tampere

My visit to the beautiful Finnish city of Tampere was coming to an end but there was still enough time for me to visit the Vapriikki Museum located by the Tammerkoski rapids in the centre of town. Vapriikki is located in the old factory building of the Tampella engineering company who produced locomotives, turbines and …

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