Day 6. Camara da Lobos

Harriet Hawk Handler
Another bright, sunny morning so we enjoyed our breakfast overlooking the ocean.  A bird handler employed by the hotel walks around the pool area each morning with a harrier hawk on his glove.  Occasionally, he lets the bird fly over the pool to scare off the seagulls, whistling for him to return.  Its quite a spectacle for the al fresco diners to enjoy whilst eating their croissants.

Coastal walk towards Camara da Lobos
Shortly after 10.00 am we took a Rodeste bus to the village of Camara da Lobos.  The journey takes only 20 minutes after which we enjoyed a morning stroll along the seafront arriving at the picturesque little harbour where we stopped to admire the view and watch some small fishing boats land their catch.  Winston Churchill was a frequent visitor to Camara da Lobos spending his holidays painting scenes of this delightful little harbour which I don’t believe has changed much over the years.

The harbour
We returned by bus to Funchal,  fares are inexpensive with a flat rate of  €1.95 for each journey.  After coffee and cakes along the seafront we spent the afternoon relaxing by the pool.  I read a few chapters on my Kindle but the sun made me sleepy so I dozed awhile in the bright sunshine.
Camera da Lobos

At 6.00 pm we were invited to the manager’s cocktail party in the main lounge.  It was an opportunity to meet the management team and enjoy some complimentary drinks and nibbles with other guests.
Enjoying drinks at the cocktail party

Soon afterwards we went out to dinner, later returning to the hotel lounge to participate in the Thursday night Musical Quiz.  The quiz turned out to be good fun, we were asked to listen to 20 short bursts of music and then requested to note the title and artist for each.  It was harder than we had first thought but we managed a respectable score of 22.5 out of a possible 40,  we didn’t win but neither did we embarrass ourselves.

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