Day 9. Returning from Funchal, Madeira

We woke at 6.30 am and ate breakfast indoors as it was not yet light.  We could see the twinkling lights of the two cruise liners moored nearby and as we finished our second cup of coffee the sun began to rise.

Returning to our room, we quickly gathered together our belongings and then took a taxi to Funchal airport.  The journey took less than 20 minutes as the roads were traffic free so we checked in quickly for our flight home and then went out onto the viewing balcony to watch the small amount of airport activity.

Funchal Airport
Funchal Airport

Our flight to Lisbon was with TAP and we were served sandwiches and coffee during the 90 minute flight.  The weather was clear as we approached Lisbon providing us with panoramic views of the city and coastline as we came in to land.   We had two hours between flights so we wandered around the terminal shops and then passed the remaining time drinking more coffee.

TAP Airlines Lisbon
Boarding our aircraft to Manchester

We boarded our connecting TAP flight to Manchester and during the 2 hour 30 minute flight we were served sandwiches, smoothies and a glass of local wine.  Following our snack we settled down for a short rest before coming in to land at Manchester.

TAP Airlines meal
TAP meal n board flight

On collecting our luggage, we retrieved our coats and gloves in readiness for the November chill that hit us as we left the arrivals hall.  Our stay in Madeira had been lovely, just what was needed at this time of year for those of us who reside in northern Europe.

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