Day 1.  An afternoon in York on my way to Edinburgh

On my way north to Edinburgh for a pre Christmas weekend away with one of my sons, I decided to spend the afternoon in York as that was where I needed to change trains.

York foliage in autumn
Late autumn foliage in York

I hadn’t visited this historic northern city for several months so on this bright but chilly afternoon I started with a walk by the river.  Most of the leaves had fallen but here and there were still glimpses of the glorious late autumn foliage.  I strolled alongside the old walls, considered climbing up for a walk along the top but with my wheeled luggage it seemed a bit of an effort as I can easily return another time to do this.

York City Cruises
Pleasure boat in York

The Christmas Markets were underway and I glanced in the small wooden huts which looked inviting, lit with twinkling fairy lights selling festive decorations, candles, scarves and hats.  I tried some mulled cider instead of my usual choice of mulled wine and I have to say it wasn’t the best, only luke warm and quite watery in taste so it’s definitely mulled wine for me at Christmas Markets in future!

York Christmas Market
Attractive stalls at the York Christmas Market

After strolling round the market and in some of the bigger stores along the narrow streets, I found a cosy bar for a snack before returning to the station to catch my  6.50 pm train to Edinburgh.  The journey north to Edinburgh takes about two and a half hours and it felt warm and cosy in my window seat and it being a Thursday evening my carriage was fairly quiet.  I started reading ‘Brooklyn’ on my Kindle, having seen the film I thought I’d now read the book and I passed the time away reading and nibbling chocolate, the book being so interesting that I didn’t even glance at my phone or remove my iPad from my bag!

The Dome, George Street, Edinburgh
The Dome, George Street, Edinburgh looking festive

Arriving just a few minutes late into Edinburgh Waverley, I made my way to the nearby ‘Booking Office’ pub where I’d arranged to meet my son.  He was arriving into Edinburgh Airport as I arrived at the pub but I needed to wait awhile for him to get into the city centre.  The pub is open until midnight but last orders for food end at 11.00 pm so we were just able to order supper before the kitchen closed.  Following our light meal, we walked along to our hotel in the new town, the Queen Street Travelodge where we also stayed last year finding it to be both central and convenient.

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67 thoughts on “Day 1.  An afternoon in York on my way to Edinburgh

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  5. Love York! At Christmas time it is beautiful and great for some Christmas Shopping & visiting the Christmas markets. I stayed in the same Travelodge early this year, very cheap & close to the centre

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  6. Ah, I can’t keep up with your torrid pace of travel. Thanks for the glimpse of York, which I saw 45 years ago. At the time, there was an ambitious campaign to preserve the Minster, which was suffering the effects of city traffic shaking its foundations (the original builders apparently not having anticipated motorized vehicles in a failure of planning). I trust it’s still standing, and I look forward to being there again. Thanks as always for visiting Under Western Skies.

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  7. The lights wrapped around the columns of The Dome created a wonderful optical illusion for me. I thought they were strung in open spaces because the columns are so dark. Thanks for taking me on your journey. We tend not to stop in cities when we travel, so it’s nice to see them.

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    1. Just go to Dashboard, Settings, General and tick the box for December snowfall. It only needs activating once and then you can get the animated snowfall effect each Christmas whenever you have a festive post. Thank you for your pleasing comments about my blog.

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