Day 1. Dublin City Break

Trinity College, Dublin
Trinity College, Dublin

We took an early morning flight from Edinburgh Airport over to Dublin in the Irish Republic.  This was my third visit to Dublin but my first in mid summer.  Before leaving the airport we bought ourselves 72 hour travel passes for use on the public transport, these being valid on the bus service into the city centre from the airport.

Dublin Castle
Dublin Castle

It was still very early and the city hadn’t yet come fully to life when we left the bus on O’Connell Street but it didn’t take us too long to find an inviting cafe where we ordered ‘Full Irish Breakfasts’ to set us up for a day of sightseeing.

Ha'Penny Bridge, Dublin
Ha’Penny Bridge

Our first stop was to Trinity College, Dublin, an historic seat of learning in the heart of the city centre.  The entrance arch leads through to manicured lawns and cobbled paths. In one corner stands the Old Library, constructed in the 18th century and where the famous Book of Kells is stored.  This is Ireland’s greatest cultural treasure and tickets to view this medieval manuscript can be bought on the day.

Dublin Castle
Dublin Castle
Our next stop was to Dublin Castle, located on Dame Street,  a five minute walk from Trinity College.  The castle was originally constructed in the 13th century and has functioned as a military fortress, a prison and the seat of English Administration in Ireland for 700 years.  We were only able to view the castle from outside as it was closed to visitors due to Government business, although it’s usually open daily.
Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin
Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin

A few steps away lies Christchurch Cathedral of the Church of Ireland, this is Dublin’s oldest building and after a look inside we walked along the banks of the River Liffey.   Soon we arrived at Dublin’s oldest pedestrian bridge across the River Liffey, known as the Ha’Penny Bridge, named after its original toll.  It really is a joy to behold with its elliptical arch and the iron work repainted in its original off white colour.

Temple Bar, Dublin
Temple Bar, Dublin

Needing a rest,  it was time to check in to our hotel, The Charles Stewart at Parnell Square, a central position at the top of O’Connell Street.  The room was quite good but the WiFi in our room was very weak, probably because we were at the very end of a corridor, still this was a minor matter.

Charles Stewart Hotel, Dublin
Charles Stewart Hotel, Dublin
After dinner we took a walk through the Temple Bar area south of the Liffey.  When dusk falls this area comes to life with its many bars and restaurants teeming with customers listening to live music and having a good time.

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68 thoughts on “Day 1. Dublin City Break

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  9. Dublin! I’m always entertaining the idea to go, I have daydreams of visiting the Phil Lynott statue, stopping in at the pub where the band drank, and leaving a little bottle as a symbolic toast at his grave. Everyone worships their favorite singers. :p

    This has me telling myself that I have to get serious about planning a trip, I have to.

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  10. When I visited Trinity college several years ago, there was a black and white cat named Trinny that allegedly had 3,000+ Facebook fans (yet we never did find that page). Any cat sightings while you were there? 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  11. missjenn34

    This post makes me even more excited. I’m studying abroad in Dublin starting next month (will definitely blog about it cause it’s a once-in-lifetime experience). I actually have an internship with the parliament!

    I did some of the touristy things there when I visited last year. Did you go to Dublin Zoo?


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  13. This is brilliant! I’m currently a first year at Trinity College so I get to see the beautiful campus everyday. It’s so funny because I use most of the tourist attractions (the free ones obviously, I am a student) as a form of procrastination when it comes to finishing assignments or studying for exams. One of the perks of studying here is that I get to see the book of Kells for free. Love your blog, keep the great work up 🙂

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  14. Dermott Hayes

    Did you meet any people? When I got a city, I take in the sights as I encounter them but my eyes and ears are always on the people, the food, the atmosphere. Did you enjoy your time in Dublin? You came within 100 metres of where I live, The Liberties, the oldest part of the city and very near Christchurch. Temple Bar is just scary. And expensive.


  15. Thank you for sharing. After you complete this visit I would be interested to hear your opinion as to when is the bestatus season to travel in Dublin. I will appreciate your feedback!


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