Day 1. St James’s Park and the Mall, London

This morning I took a Virgin East Coast train to London arriving into Kings Cross at 1.00 pm, from where I hopped on the Piccadilly Line for the short journey to Piccadilly Circus as I’d arranged to meet my older son in the Virgin Lounge.  I was first to arrive which gave me a few minutes to take a look at a black and white photo exhibition/ fundraising event of street children in Kolkata that was taking place.

Guardsman outside St James's Palace, London
Guardsman outside St James’s Palace

After meeting up and sipping coffees we strolled along Piccadilly, passing the Royal Academy and glancing in the elaborate Piccadilly and Burlington arcades which are filled with small designer shops featuring low mullioned windows.  Moving on, we turned left onto St James’s Street then onto Pall Mall so that we could view the guards outside St. James’s Palace which is located just off The Mall on Marlborough Road.  Here you will find two guardsmen and you can watch them marching between their sentry boxes.   It’s an ideal location to take photographs as very few people seem to know about guards being here even though it’s just around the corner from Buckingham Palace.  It’s nice to visit both palaces but here you can enjoy the courtyard to yourselves and take snapshots without anyone in the way.   If you look at the guardsman’s bearskin hat you will notice a coloured feather on the side – this identifies the regiment, I believe these are Irish Guards.

Victoria Memorial, The Mall, London
Victoria Memorial, The Mall

Continuing along The Mall, we wondered why cars were being allowed to park there that afternoon,  so being curious we asked a policeman who told us that the Queen was hosting an afternoon garden party and invited guests were permitted to park along the road.  Walking towards the palace, a few minutes later, police stopped the traffic and we saw Prince Charles and Camilla being driven through the palace gates.  It happened so quickly that unfortunately  I didn’t have time to take a photo of them!  Many guests were arriving for the garden party, some men wearing morning suits and top hats whilst ladies tottered on high heels sporting hats of every style.

I did take a few photos outside Buckingham Palace and of the Victoria Memorial with its gilded ‘Winged Victory’ standing on top of the central pylon and glistening in the hazy sunshine.

St. James's Park Lake, London
St. James’s Park Lake

Our afternoon stroll then took us through the adjacent St. James’s  Park – one of my favourite Royal parks, where we spotted some pelicans and herons by the water which was a good opportunity to practise using the zoom feature of my new camera.  Standing on the park’s Blue Bridge there are some spectacular views across St. James’s lake to Buckingham Palace and of the London Eye looking the other way.

Pelicans in St. James's Park, London
Pelicans in St. James’s Park

Leaving the park, we strolled along Birdcage Walk, so called because James 1 set up an aviary in St James’s Park in the 17th century.  On our way to Westminster underground station we passed the Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament) with its iconic Elizabeth Tower clock, widely known as Big Ben after its main bell.  This has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1987.  (See feature image above).

Heron, St. James's Park, London
Heron, St. James’s Park

It was then time to check in to our hotel over in Docklands so we travelled there by Jubilee Line and the Docklands Light Railway (DLR).  After a short rest we headed out to Canary Wharf for dinner and a little walk around before returning to our hotel for the night.

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65 thoughts on “Day 1. St James’s Park and the Mall, London

  1. Looks like a good visit with your son and eventful too, Marion. St. James was kind of our initiation to London, when we were there in 1977 on our honeymoon. Our first tourist scam ripoff (photo with a monkey), first experience with hot English mustard on a hot dog and the first place I learned not to rub up against the bridge handrails, in a park with so many birds. Nonetheless, it is still a favourite place to visit, each time we come. Allan

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  6. Our most recent visit to London was on a 3-day stop there on our way from the U.S. (Wisconsin) to Rome in 2014. I had lived in Britain and Wales for a short while in the late 90’s so i had visited London previously. But my wife was seeing it for the first time.

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  7. I didn’t know Virgin has trains as well as planes. The mention of Virgin lounge gave me a chuckle though because it reminded me of an airport the plane made a stop at when we flew on Virgin in Australia once where the bathroom was called the Virgin Loo.

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    1. Thanks for reading and for your comments on my post. Virgin has held the rail franchise for two companies in the UK for some time now. They are very good and quite efficient, perhaps you’ll get the chance to ride in one of their trains sometime.


  8. Thank you for taking me on a virtual London walk! Made me miss it a lot! And what chance to spot the royals, too! We Finns have a thing about royalty as we don’t have any of our own. Royal weddings from any country are great broadcasting hits over here, for example 🙂

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  9. What great luck to see the happenings around the Garden Party! I just love London as you know, and can never get enough of it. And I love the parks, so I will try to visit this one next time. xx

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  10. I used to work 5 minutes away from Piccaddilly Circus and sometimes was going to have my lunch in St James’s Park, it was lovely to sit down, enjoy the view and take some photos. Such a nice place, one can never get tired of it.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. London is one of my favourite places in the world. Lived there for about 6 months back in 2012 and left a piece of me over there when flying back home to Sweden again. Loved reading this! I want to go back so bad again now!

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