Day 2.  Arriving in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Chek Lap Kok airport is both large and well organised, meaning that reclaiming our luggage and heading out to the bus terminal to catch the City Flyer A11 service to North Point only took a matter of minutes.  Rather than taking the Airport Express train from where we would have had to change onto the MTR at Central,  the bus offers a door to door service as the North Point Bus Terminus is just across the road from our hotel.  Being early, traffic was light and within less than an hour, we were checking in to our hotel at 9.10 a.m.  The helpful staff at the Ibis Hotel, North Point let us have our room immediately which enabled us to enjoy an hour’s rest followed by a refreshing shower before setting off out.  Our room on the 24th floor had splendid views across the harbour and although rooms are compact, they are well designed with everything needed for a pleasant stay.

View from room at Ibis North Point Hotel Hong KongView from room at Ibis North Point Hotel Hong Kong

Our first stop was to an ATM for some Hong Kong dollars so that we could buy two Octopus Cards from the MTR station for use on transport,  these can also be used to pay for other goods and services if required.  Hopping on the Island Line of the MTR to Central we took a look in the gleaming, high end International Finance Centre (IFC) Mall which has a viewing terrace overlooking Victoria Harbour on its Podium 3 Level.

Statue Square, Central, Hong Kong IslandStatue Square, Central, Hong Kong Island

It seemed a long time since we’d eaten breakfast on the plane so we stepped into a branch of Café de Coral where we tucked into Chinese Beef Ribs and cups of coffee for lunch.  Continuing our walk, we strolled through the narrow lanes of Central where wet markets and designer stores happily rub shoulders.  Looking up, we marvelled at the sight of builders working on bamboo scaffolding, at every turn there is so much to absorb.

Bamboo Scaffolding, Hong KongBamboo Scaffolding, Hong Kong

Soon, we had arrived at Statue Square where we paused for photos before walking across the elevated walkway towards Central Pier.  Dozens of people were crowded on the bridge, peering over to watch a film set in progress.  We didn’t find out what the film was but it seemed to be Ninja related.

Film set shooting in progress near IFC Mall, Hong KongFilm set shooting in progress near IFC Mall, Hong Kong

It’s my 5th visit to Hong Kong and it’s a necessity on my first day back to cross Victoria Harbour on the iconic Star Ferry as this must surely be one of the most beautiful yet inexpensive journeys possible.   For the best views try and sit on the right hand side of the ferry between Central and Tsim Sha Tsui (TST).  Passengers can sit on the upper or lower decks, the upper have windows which can be opened for taking photos or better still, if the weather is good, the lower deck has open sides making it easier for photography.

Star Ferry, Victoria Harbour, Hong KongStar Ferry, Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

On leaving the Star Ferry, we strolled along the TST seafront passing the old clock tower, the only remaining part of the Kowloon Railway Station.  Just at the side of the clock is a large viewing platform offering spectacular views of the harbour and a perfect location to view the Symphony of Lights which takes place each evening at 8.00 p.m.

Our stroll then took us alongside the famous Peninsula Hotel and onto Nathan Road for some window shopping.  Nearby is Kowloon Park, a haven of tranquillity amid the hustle and bustle of city life.  This urban park stretches for quite a distance and features a lake with flamingos and several fountains.  Feeling weary from our 8 hour time change we then headed back to the hotel for a little rest, setting our phone alarm so that we didn’t sleep too long.

Kowloon Park, Hong KongKowloon Park, Hong Kong

By 7.30 p.m. we were feeling re-energised and ready for dinner which we ate in a small, family run restaurant on the Kings Road that I’d visited on my last visit and has a homely atmosphere coupled with delicious food.    Finishing our meal we strolled along the road as far as the Fortress Hill MTR station where we could see the old trams rattle along amid a sea of neon lights and crowded streets.

Old Kowloon Railway Station Clock TowerOld Kowloon Railway Station Clock Tower

Feeling drawn back to Victoria Harbour we took the MTR back to TST where we gazed at the awe inspiring night time view of the harbour, our cameras clicking constantly.  Near the Clock Tower, we viewed a temporary art installation entitled ‘Super Pools’ with constantly changing lights that people could jump on, it’s part of the Hong Kong Arts Festival.

Super Pools Art Installation, Hong Kong Super Pools Art Installation

Returning across the harbour on the Star Ferry we sat on separate rows so that we both had uninterrupted photo opportunities.  It was then back to the hotel by MTR after a fun filled first day back in beautiful Hong Kong.

Victoria Harbour, Hong KongVictoria Harbour, Hong Kong

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71 thoughts on “Day 2.  Arriving in Hong Kong

  1. So much has changed, but so much remains the same as in 1982. We landed at Kai Tak, which was interesting flying past the apartment windows. The Star Ferry was our favourite ride. Thanks for sharing Marion. Allan

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  3. Hiya! I love reading your blog, it’s one of my favourites ^_^ I hope you don’t mind if I ask you a question? I was hoping to go to Hong Kong this year via Amsterdam and I’ve never had to do a stopover on my own before – I’m between the 5 hour stopover and 1hr45m stopover. I know the 1hr45m is probably more sensible but I’m really worried about the first plane getting delayed and missing the second one? Are you able to recommend? Hope it’s okay to ask!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello, Thank you for your kind words. It’s so nice to hear that you enjoy reading my blog posts and find them helpful. I would go for the shorter transit time in Amsterdam as if your ticket is booked all the way through, there is unlikely to be a problem and you won’t need to reclaim your luggage. When passing through immigration there is a fast track lane for people with short connections (no extra charge) so be sure to use this and you will have ample time. Hong Kong is wonderful, I’ve now visited six times and love it and I’m sure you will, too!


  4. Hi Little Miss Traveller,
    Nice Day 2. I will read with interest the rest. I am curious about the Art festival – is an official festival that happens every year or it’s more locally known 🙂 Not sure if you ask about 🙂
    Thanks for you, dear! Good luck! I am impressed how many posts you have. One happy girl!

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  6. That skyline looks so familiar. My first trip there was 1970. During the period 1985-1995 I was there very frequently as our offshore companies were located there. After that I did make infrequent stopovers the last one being about four years ago. During that time I saw incredible developments accompanied by huge rises in the daily cost of a hotel room and of course taxi services. It’s amazing to see building construction coolies pulling out IPhones to make calls. I found it frustrating to hear my phone click every time we passed one segment of the island and territory and know that a different phone company had taken over service.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Ian for your interesting thoughts and it’s pleasing to read that my post brought back so many happy memories of your time in Hong Kong. Even since my first visit in 1997 I’ve seen innumerable changes but the Victoria Harbour skyline is still as gorgeous as ever.

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  7. I lived between Hong Kong and Taipei for 5 1/2 years. Look forward to re-living it all through your blog posts!! Haven’t been back to HK since September 2015. Have an amazing time in both places.

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  8. Sounds like a wonderful, full day after that long trip. Bet you slept well! Great photos. I really am not a “big city” type, preferring the woods to all those noises and people, but lovely photos and lots to do. I’ll enjoy my “city” tour through you – then I won’t have to deal with all of the hassle. Thanks for allowing me to do that. 😉

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  9. Great photos. Makes me want to go back and stay a while. I’ve been to Hong Kong three times and never once spent the night. They were all long flight connections. Thanks for giving me some incentive, just to take night photos of the skyline. I love Hong Kong’s contrast of old and new. I remember standing next to a Cartier jewelry shop I saw a local businessman in a $1,000 Armani suit walk into a butcher shop. The butcher cut the throat of a live chicken, skinned it and handed it to him in five minutes.

    John Henderson
    Dog-Eared Passport:

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    1. Thanks for your inspiring thoughts John. One day I think you should try and stay in Hong Kong for a few days, I’m certain you won’t be disappointed. In the meantime, thanks again for commenting to read my blog posts.


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