Day 6.  St. Julian’s Bay, Malta

Fortunately the warm sunshine is continuing so after breakfast we took the Sliema bus (No.212) as far as Spinola Bay located in St. Julian’s.  This charming, photogenic small bay with traditional fishing boats is lined on one side with numerous bars and restaurants and contains the largest proportion of 5 star hotels on the island.

Lido and waterfront, St.Julian's Bay , Malta
Lido and waterfront, St.Julian’s Bay

Strolling along the broad, tree lined promenade made for an extremely pleasant walk towards Sliema, passing an outdoor lido and two water polo courts along our way.  There are no sandy beaches but sunbathing is possible from flat sandstone rocks at the water’s edge.

Promenade between St. Julian's and Sliema Malta
Promenade between St. Julian’s and Sliema

The path winds its way round the bay passing through gardens with inviting open air cafes, finally reaching its more exclusive neighbour Sliema which we first visited a couple of days ago.  Exuding an elegant charm, smart cafes spill out along the promenade providing diners with uninterrupted views of the shimmering Mediterranean.

Sliema, Malta
Sliema, Malta
A little window shopping followed our coffee break before we returned to Bugibba in the early afternoon to relax by the pool and make the most of the warm winter sunshine.  For dinner this evening we had reserved a table for a second time in Tagine, the hotel’s Moroccan restaurant.  This was my favourite of the dining options on offer, food being good in each of them but this one has a more intimate and cosy feel.
Evening entertainment in the DB San Antonio, Malta
Evening entertainment in the DB San Antonio Hotel, Malta

After eating dinner we took our seats in the bar for the nightly entertainment programme at 9.30 p.m. each evening, tonight’s theme being ‘Route 66’ a combination of Country & Western dancing and singing featuring some Taylor Swift songs.  The one hour floor shows by a professional company are of a high standard and make an entertaining end to the evening whilst sipping a cocktail.

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59 thoughts on “Day 6.  St. Julian’s Bay, Malta

  1. St Julian’s is another site we have not explored (see, we’ll have to go back 😁) … since it was so crowded, we’ve focussed more on the smaller villages (like Marsascala & Marsaxlokk).
    But the views from St Julian’s to Sliema looks like a great option to take a scenic walk – I remember seeing that while in the bus on our first visit.

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    1. Hello Ian. Yes, the Azure Window collapsed into the sea a few days ago and is gone for ever. It was of course created by erosion so it was obvious that eventually the remaining structure would also succumb to the wind and waves. Unfortunately we didn’t see it as the weather in Gozo was poor and it would have looked more like the grey window if we’d seen it whilst there.

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    1. You probably heard in the news that the Azure Window collapsed two days ago, what a sad event for the people here, so many memories attached to it, and such a big tourist attraction it was. I was there a day before and took photos, it did look fragile then.
      Kind regards, Agnes

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        1. Well, there is a lot there actually, that is if you are interested in rock structures and rocks. I find the rocks and fossils great to look out for and at, the limestone so white if you walk a bit to the left, it looks like pure white sand but it’s not, it is limestone. And the inland sea gives one the possibility of going through the rocks to the other side and the sea, it’s quite an experience that. Did you do it?

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