Day 19. Linnanmäki Theme Park, Helsinki

Located on a hill not far from the centre of Helsinki you will find a theme park called Linnanmäki, translated into English this means ‘castle on the hill’.  Unlike some theme parks where you have to buy a ticket to enter, at Linnanmäki visitors can either purchase a wristband, a multi ride ticket or pay individually for rides.  This means that you can just wander around the grounds taking a look at the action if fast rides aren’t for you.

Vuoristorata wooden rollercoaster, Linnanmäki, Helsinki
Traditional wooden roller coaster

The ride our family like best is the traditional wooden roller coaster Vuoristorata.  This is the park’s most popular ride, it’s of Danish design but was manufactured in Finland in 1952.  The ride operates 47,000 times each summer on average and each journey takes 2 minutes 15 seconds.  There are two cars and each one is operated by a brake man who can be seen at the back of the car.  It’s the only place that I’ve seen ‘brake men’ and I do think it’s so nice to have a real person operating the car rather than for it to be controlled electronically as is the usual case.

Vonkaputous roller coaster at Linnanmäki Theme Park, Helsinki
Water ride at Linnanmäki

Another fun ride is the Vonkaputous roller coaster which has some very quick turns at the top then as the ride nears its end the roller coaster hurtles down a 20 metre slide into a pool of water leaving everyone soaked but happy!  We noticed that there are some ‘drying booths’, four or five people can squeeze into a cubicle, place €2 in a slot and then dry off after the water splash rides, rather like a giant hairdryer.  I’ve never seen these before but they seemed popular even though it was a warm, sunny day.

Ukko roller coaster at Linnanmäki, Helsinki
Ukko roller coaster

The ride in the above photo is one that no one in our family dares to ride on even if it was free, it’s called the Ukko roller coaster and looks really scary, riders are spun upside down and plummet to the ground at 105 km per hour – definitely only for thrill seekers and a ride only for me to take photos of!

Raft ride at Linnanmäki Theme Park, Helsinki
Rafting at Linnanmäki

The park has more than 40 other rides including a giant Ferris wheel and a white water rafting track where round rafts take you down a raging torrent leaving you wet.  This ride isn’t too scary and its one I’m happy to take a ride on if it’s hot weather.

Views from the panorama ride, Linnanmäki Theme Park, Helsinki
Views from the panorama ride

The park features one free ride ‘Panorama’ where you sit on seats around a large pillar and the ride gently revolves and ascends to the top of the tower providing everyone with some birds eye views of Helsinki.  Surprisingly although this ride is free, there was never much of a queue to climb on board.

Linnanmäki from the Panorama ride
Linnanmäki from the Panorama ride

Linnanmäki is pleasantly landscaped with many flowers – hanging baskets and tubs of bright red geraniums everywhere.  There are several cafes but we didn’t eat at any, we just bought ice creams and sat on a bench to eat them.  Getting to Linnanmäki is simple as there is a tram stop (no.3) just outside the park and it’s just a short journey from the city centre.


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35 thoughts on “Day 19. Linnanmäki Theme Park, Helsinki

  1. That looks like a really nice amusement park. Wooden rollercoasters are just about the only rides that don’t make me feel sick, so it’s nice to go somewhere where you only have to pay for the rides; otherwise I feel like I don’t get my money’s worth. I remember Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen and Praterland in Vienna having similar policies, so maybe it’s a Continental thing!

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  2. Greetings from Mikkeli. Very nice and enjoyable post full with gorgeous photos. Yesterday we left our summer home in Oulu and drove to Mikkeli. It took only six hours with some stops. Yesterday evening we watched in the evening traditional Track and Field match between Finland and Sweden. This match is hold once a year and it started already in 1925.

    I visited to Linnanmäki last time in 1986. I remember this year very well, because it was important in my life. When abroad, I visit some amusement parks occasionally. Last time was in L.A. when we visited to Knotts Berry Farm in 1998.

    In the town of Tampere, there is also amusement park, not so big as this one in Helsinki, but anyway. I have some photos from it in this post:

    Angry Birds and city of Tampere.

    Tampere is easy to reach by train in 1½ hours.

    Happy Sunday! Matti.

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    1. Good Morning Matti! It’s good to read you had a safe return journey from Oulu and you are happily settling back into life at home. Yesterday the weather was dreadful here, torrential rain throughout the day – we could have made use of those ‘Drying Booths’ at Linnamäki! I’ll leave you to guess where the next post is from, it might be somewhere you’ve just mentioned ! M.

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      1. Katie

        It’s good that they have the wristband and “pay as you ride” option. I hate paying loads to go to a theme park then being too much of a wuss to go on half the big rides!
        You’re welcome, I enjoyed your post 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. We went here a few years ago, I loved it especially since you could wander around for free and just pick the rides you wanted – unlike most other theme park type places these days. Our son was quite young at the time so we didn’t do any of the big thrill rides (relief on my part as I am a bit of a coward!). Lovely to revisit again in your post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not really a theme park person but I do like Linnamäki as its more intimate. It’s also fun to return to our childhood once in awhile. Have a good weekend! We’re just eating brunch in a pub and it’s pouring down outside – hope it’s better with you xx

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