Day 1. My journey to Tampere, Finland

Those of you who are regular readers of my blog may already be aware that recently I won an international blog contest organised by Talent Tampere a division of Business Tampere which links companies with internationals and their networks.  My prize was a four day visit to Tampere, Finland’s third largest city to explore the international and travel sides of the scenic Tampere region.

Fnnair, Manchester Airport
Boarding the aircraft at Manchester Airport

On the morning of my departure, to say I was excited was definitely an understatement as I waited to board my flight from Manchester Airport.  Although there are currently no direct flights to Tampere, there is a very easy connection via Finland’s capital, Helsinki.

Refreshments on board Finnair flight
Refreshments served on my Finnair flight

My flight on-board a Finnair Embraer 190 aircraft, seating 100 passengers was very pleasant.  The cabin crew were professional yet friendly and although meals are no longer complimentary, free drinks are served.  During the 2 hr 50min flight the trolley passed through the cabin three times and I enjoyed two cups of coffee and a refreshing glass of blueberry juice, all served in Marimekko cups, showcasing Finnish design.

Helsinki Vantaa Airport snowploughs in action
Snowploughs in action at Helsinki Vantaa Airport

Coming into land at Helsinki Vantaa Airport was like entering a winter wonderland with the entire landscape blanketed in thick snow.  As I took the bus transfer to the terminal, a convoy of snowploughs drove past, working hard to keep the airport open as snow continued to fall.  I had a short connection of only 40 minutes but the airport is both compact and efficient, allowing sufficient time to clear immigration and reach my gate just as it had opened.

Tampere Pirkkala Airport
Arriving in Tampere Pirkkala Airport

My short Finnair flight, operated by Nordic Regional Airlines (NoRRA) on an ATR 72-500 and seating 68 passengers took just 35 minutes to reach Tampere Pirkkala Airport.  There was even more snow to greet me in Tampere and it only took a few minutes to collect my luggage as the airport is quite small.

Tampere Pirkkala Airport
Tampere Airport Terminal Building

Walking out into the arrivals hall, it was so exciting to meet Maiju and Eero, my hosts from Talent Tampere with whom I would be spending the next few days.  Introductions complete, we took a taxi to my hotel in the city centre, taking around 20 minutes.

Lapland Hotels Tampere
Lapland Hotels Tampere

My home for the next three nights was the Lapland Hotels Tampere and on checking in, I was thrilled to find that my room reservation had been upgraded to a suite!  Each floor of the hotel has its own seasonal Lapland theme, and befitting the time of year, my suite Lumo, was located on the winter floor. The suite was luxuriously furnished with separate bedroom and lounge areas in muted Nordic shades.  Also, at my disposal were two large televisions, a private sauna and two showers!

Lapland Hotels Tampere
My suite at Lapland Hotels, Tampere

I’d arranged to meet my hosts a little later in the hotel lobby and also joining us, was Olga from Visit Tampere who I would be spending time with the following day.  We wrapped up warm and ventured out into the sub zero temperatures for a walk through the city centre to the Kattila Bistro where we were shown to a cosy window table.

Tampere, Finland at night
Crosssing the bridge in the centre of Tampere

As it was a cold evening, I started my meal with Jerusalem artichoke soup with sherry cream and prosciutto which was served with local rye bread and tasted delicious.  To follow, I selected potato blinis with roe, sour cream and pickles which were also very good.  It was a lovely, relaxing evening and I was made to feel very welcome on my first evening in Tampere.

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101 thoughts on “Day 1. My journey to Tampere, Finland

  1. Ooh the Lapland hotel looks fabulous! I will want to stay there next time we go with hubby. I’m going to Tampere next week with my girlfriends, so I’m excited to read about your trip 🙂

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  3. Thanks for your beautiful updates and photos on your trip to Finland. It’s a place I would love to visit someday, both in snow and in summer. The hotel suite you stayed in looks quaint, luxurious and beautiful, and also, I loved the photo of the waterway at night–beautiful lights. I look forward to follow along on more of your travel stories!

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  4. It was great to meet you (a fellow Brit) on your visit to Tampere. I was really inspired by your blog. The Lapland hotel is great. On my first few days in Tampere, I had “Brunssi” there – with reindeer sausages (great), and cauliflower (strange for brunch). If you are ever travelling around Europe on a budget (backpacking like I tend to do), then there is one of the best, modern hostels that I have ever stayed at, called the Dream Hostel. I stayed there a couple of times – they have great WiFi and a good breakfast and the staff are really friendly. As a resident of Tampere, I don’t get to stay there now. I’m looking forward to reading about the rest of your time in Tampere (as well as your other travels).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for making contact on my blog Ben, it was also great to meet you during my recent visit to Tampere and to read that you had also eaten in the Lapland Hotel with its delicious array of dishes to start the day. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I’m back in lovely Tampere and we can meet up again!


  5. I do follow your blog, but have gotten bogged down in life lately and not kept up as I should. So, I did NOT know about you winning the blogging contest. That is so exciting. Congratulations! The start of your trip to Tampere looks wonderful. Don’t you just love it when you get an unexpected upgrade to a suite?! The private sauna sounds heavenly! I look forward to reading more about your trip.

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  6. Surabhi Joshi

    Congratulations really you deserve the award
    You write so minutely just like embroidery on plain cloths are inspiration for Amature blogger like us
    Thank you

    Keep posting

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  7. My dad was born in Tampere. His father ran a bank in the city. Tampere is situated on the forks of a river same as Pittsburgh. I watch the video cams once in a while and wonder what it would be like to walk the streets as I see the people and traffic go by. Did you know the ‘Angry Bird’ game was developed in Tampere? There is an “Angry bird” park nearby. My congratulations to you on the win! The other city to see is Turku–my birthplace–

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  8. Congratulations once more. Your post was enjoyable reading. I very seldom take comment about food. Very nice that You tasted Blinis! On Shrove Tuesday, we have the habit to eat buckwheat Blinis with sour cream and with roe.

    Happy Sunday!

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  9. You had me salivating at the Artichoke soup. I haven’t been to Tampere but remember walking across the tarmac at Vantaa airport. It was summertime when I was there though…i don’t suppose they would make anyone do that in winter?

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I was always terribly worried that my travel plans would be stymied by cancelled flights when I travelled far up in the North in the winter. Such is the thinking of someone who lives in the subtropics. But, it didn’t happen. The worst was waiting for the snowploughs to finish grooming the runways before our flight!!

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