Day 2. Sightseeing in Oslo

As our friends set off for work, we walked along to the railway station in Ski for a train into the city centre.  Alongside the pathways wild lupins were flowering and looking bright and cheerful despite it being a gloomy morning with heavy rain showers.

Wild lupins, Norway
Wild lupins , Norway
On reaching Oslo we headed first of all to view the Royal Palace.  Unlike most royal palaces security was low enabling people to walk to the entrance.  There were few people around taking photos because of the poor weather.  Next, we headed to the sea to visit Oslo’s modernist dark brick City Hall which dominates the harbour front.
Royal Palace, Oslo
Royal Palace, Oslo

To shelter from the rain awhile we caught the metro to Holmenkollen Ski Jump which stages international events each winter.  Speaking of winter, it felt more like January than June at Holmenkollen with driving rain and a cold wind.

Oslo harbour
Oslo harbour
Holmenkollen Ski Jump, Oslo
Holmenkollen Ski Jump, Oslo

Still, we braved the elements and climbed to the view points of the ski jump to take some photos.  At the base is a small museum which was quite interesting displaying the changes in ski equipment over the years.

Returning to the city centre we had lunch in a waterfront cafe.  Everything is incredibly expensive in Norway so it’s very easy to overspend.   A little further on we came to the regenerated old shipyards, now sleek modern waterfront apartments, bars and shops called ‘Aker Brygge’, so it was another opportunity to take shelter from the rain.

Aker Brygge, Oslo
Aker Brygge, Oslo
Central Oslo
Central Oslo

Later, walking back to the railway station we noted that even the Norwegian buskers had taken shelter from the rain, as they were playing in a tram shelter.

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