Day 3. Frogner Park and the Kon-Tiki Museum, Oslo

Oslo Opera House
Walking on the sloped roof of Oslo’s Opera House

Our friends suggested a visit to the Opera House so we took the train into the centre of Oslo and headed there first. Built in 2008, it’s a futuristic white building, overlooking the sea with it’s angled exterior covered in Italian marble and white granite to make it appear as if it is rising from the water.  The angled roof has been designed to allow people to safely walk along it which was interesting.  It’s home to the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet and is located in the city centre district of Bjornvika.

Akerhus Fortress, Oslo
Akerhus Fortress
Ferry to Bygdoy, Oslo

Our next stop was along the waterfront where we visited the Akerhus Fortress (castle) which dominates the harbour from its cliff top position.     Further along the harbour front we came to the Bygdoy ferry boat across to the museum island, home to the famous Kon-Tiki and Fram vessels.

Frogner Park, Oslo
Frogner Park, Oslo

Ferry tickets are included in Oslo public transport one day travel passes and we enjoyed our 15 minute sail across the harbour to Bygdoy.

Fram museum, Oslo
The Fram museum, Oslo

It was a pity the weather was so awful as there are some attractive beaches and picnic spots over there.  Our final destination of the day was to the Frogner Park and Vigeland Sculpture Park.  This is Oslo’s largest park and contains Vigeland’s sculptures depicting life from the cradle to the grave.  It obviously would have been better if it had been fine, but we tried to avoid the puddles as best we could in order to explore the gardens and sculptures.

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