Day 4. Touring Oslofjord and Oscarsborg Fortress

Oscarsborg, Oslofjord
Oscarsborg, Oslofjord

It was Saturday and our Norwegian friends were free to spend the next three days with us, and for once the sun was shining and there were no rain clouds in sight!

Served with our breakfast was a brown cheese, sweet tasting, rather like fudge but absolutely delicious, it’s called Gubrandsdalost and I will definitely be taking some back home to the UK with me.

Oscarsborg Fortress, Norway
Oscarsborg Fortress

Ready for our day out, we drove down the side of Oslofjord and caught a ferry across to Oscarsborg.  It’s situated on two small inlets and has a fortress, museum, cafe and walking trails.   We spent a pleasant morning exploring the castle, strolling around the island and enjoying ice cream cones before taking the ferry back to our car.

Oscarsborg Fortress, Norway
Oscarsborg, Norway

Driving a few miles further we reached Oslofjord’s narrowest point, with the pretty little village of Drobak waiting to be explored.  A really lovely small town,  it’s main square is surrounded by old wooden houses, shops and a church.  The Post Office is also home to Father Christmas and sells all things festive year round and is very popular even in June.

Santa Claus Post Office Drobak, Norway
Santa Claus Post Office Drobak
Drobak, Norway

We walked by the shore where families were enjoying weekend picnics and dips in the sea.  It was so nice to feel the warmth of the sun after two days of torrential rain.

Finally, we drove onto Hurum and enjoyed a meal overlooking the fjord before returning across the water to Oslo via the lengthy toll tunnel which reduced our driving time considerably.

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10 thoughts on “Day 4. Touring Oslofjord and Oscarsborg Fortress

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  4. SouloLivingandTravel

    Very nice! I am very familiar with this area and most of southern Norway. I have yet to explore central Norway (more inland in the mountains), and more of northern Norway, with the Lofoten Islands high on my list! I’ve been to Trondheim and Tromsø and took a cruise from Bergen all the up to the Arctic Circle…that was incredible!

    And yes, Norway is just lovely when the sun shines 🙂 They are having wonderful weather right now!

    Liked by 1 person

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