Day 1. Arriving in Bergamo, Italy

Cristallo Palace Hotel, Bergamo
We were up early as we had booked a 6.00 am flight to Bergamo.  As it was such an early start to the day we fell asleep before take off and didn’t rouse from our slumbers until we were touching down in Bergamo Airport.  In the airport we purchased 72 hour travel passes for the Bergamo area and took a bus into the town centre.  Near the bus station we spotted a McCafe so we had cappuccinos and pastries for breakfast.  Feeling more awake now, we took a bus the short distance to our hotel, The Cristallo Palace on the edge of town.  It was only 11.00 am but we were able to check in and access our room which was a bonus.  It was my third weekend visit to Bergamo but my first to the Cristallo Palace Hotel.

The Funicular
We walked into Bergamo’s new town and discovered a large continental market in the centre.  Apparently it had only arrived today for the weekend, so we were fortunate to have chosen the same time to visit.

Old Town
Walking up the hill, we took the funicular to the old town, this journey taking 6 minutes and covered by the travel pass.   Bergamo’s old town is a delight,  narrow cobbled streets with beautiful old churches set in majestic squares.  Interesting small shops, selling local produce line the roads alongside pizzerias and restaurants.  At the far end of the old town, there is a second funicular up to the tiny hilltop village of San Vigilo.

View from the Old Town
There are two restaurants up here and fine views down to the old town below.   A short walk in the other direction leads to the Castello de San Vigilo.  After returning to the hotel for a rest,  we had dinner in one of the Old Town restaurants then wandered through the continental market before bedtime.

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