Day 4. Final morning in Bergamo

We went down to breakfast promptly when the restaurant opened at 7.00 am as we had a morning flight back to the UK.  The Cristallo Palace had been quite a good choice of hotel, rated as a 4 star but probably more of a 3 star standard.  Staff had been friendly and the W-Fi worked well throughout the hotel.

After gathering our belongings together, we walked to the centre for the bus back to the airport.  Our 72 hour pass bought on our first morning was still valid for use back to the airport.

Funicular to Old Town Bergamo
Funicular to Old Town

After another coffee in the airport it was time to board our Ryanair flight back to the UK. I would definitely recommend Bergamo as a city break destination.  There are several low cost airlines flying into Milan (Bergamo).  It has a lovely old town, two funiculars and good rail access to Milan (one hour) and to Lake Como providing picturesque old town, city and lake combinations.

Bergamo Old Town
Bergamo Old Town

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