Day 5. Luxembourg’s Moselle Valley

Our final day in beautiful Luxembourg had come around all too quickly but with a late afternoon flight back to the UK we still had ample time to explore.  Our plan for the day was to drive to Luxembourg’s wine growing region in the Moselle Valley just 40 minutes from the city centre.

Viewpoint over the Remich vineyards
Viewpoint over the Remich vineyards

We made our first stop at a viewpoint above Remich, which offered splendid views across the vineyards.  Despite it being an overcast morning we still enjoyed our stroll along the pathways beside the vines which were loaded with grapes nearing their time for harvesting.

Walking between the vines in the Moselle Valley, Luxembourg
Walking between the vines in the Moselle Valley

From there we drove into the town of Remich managing to find a parking place by the riverside.  This picturesque small town lies on the banks of the Moselle with the river providing a natural border with Germany.

Remich town centre, Luxembourg
The quaint centre of Remich

The town is characterised by its picturesque narrow alleyways and small squares lined with attractive little shops and cafes.  We enjoyed our morning cups of coffee along the pedestrianised high street and then returned to the car along the riverside promenade that stretches for 3 km and is shaded by cherry and birch trees.

Riverside promenade, Remich, Luxembourg
The riverside promenade along the banks of the Moselle

The promenade seemed a popular place for a walk or cycle ride as there were lots of people out enjoying the fresh air and views of the Moselle.

Remich visitor centre, Luxembourg
The Remich visitor centre

Moored along the river bank we spotted several tourist boats that offer pleasure trips of varying lengths.  If we’d had more time I would have loved to have taken one of these.  Numerous cafes and bars are dotted along the riverside close to the large Remich visitor centre which was designed to resemble a white cruise liner moored on the banks of the Moselle.

Bacchus Fountain, Remich
The Bacchus Fountain on the riverside promenade

Also of interest along the riverside promenade is the Bacchus Fountain which depicts the Roman god sitting on top of a cask of wine.  A Bacchus festival takes place in the town every August when a Riesling queen is chosen.

Caves St. Martin, Remich
The Caves St. Martin winery in Remich

Back in the car, it was just a short 1.5 km journey along the riverfront to the Caves St. Martin, where we’d reserved places on one of their guided tours of the caves €7.50 (£6.60) and included in the Luxembourg Card.  After meeting our guide Liliana, she supplied us with fleece capes to keep us warm in the caves as the temperature below ground is a constant 12 degrees.

Wine production taking place at Caves St. Martin, Remich
Wine production in Caves St. Martin, Remich

After popping on the capes, we were taken down into the underground tunnels which extend for almost a kilometre.  These caves have been carved out of the solid limestone rock and are the ideal temperature for storing wines.

Wine being aged in oak barrels at Caves St. Martin, Remich
Wine being aged in oak barrels at Caves St. Martin

We saw thousands of bottles stored in racks and it was explained that these needed to be turned daily, a very labour intensive procedure as it is carried out by hand.  On our tour Liliana pointed out numerous features and it was very interesting to learn about the wine making process.  Caves St. Martin is an independent vintner producing both still and sparking wines.

Caves St. Martin, Reimich
Tasting room, Caves St. Martin

We learnt that the winery is noted for its Crémant de Luxembourg sparkling wine which is very similar to Champagne and made using only the best local grape varieties of the Moselle valley.  Crémant adheres to the traditional Champagne method of production which includes a second fermentation in the bottle followed by nine months of maturation.  The wine takes the Crémant name as it is not produced in the Champagne region.

Crémant sparkling wine, Caves St. Martin, Remich
Crémant sparkling wine at Caves St. Martin

After completing our tour we sampled three of the wines in the tasting room starting with the Crémant which tasted just like Champagne and of a similar quality but less expensive.  We really wanted to buy some bottles to take home but although we had checked luggage the bottles would have been too heavy to transport.  As I wasn’t the one driving, I was also able to also sample glasses of the St. Martin Rosé and Riesling which were both light and refreshing.

Pavilion restaurant terrace, Caves St. Martin, Remich
The Pavilion restaurant terrace

After enjoying our tour of the caves and samples in the tasting room we made our way to the Pavilion restaurant for some lunch.  Unlike the other days of our trip, the sun didn’t shine but it was still warm enough to dine out on the terrace overlooking the Moselle.

Lunch at Caves St. Martin, Remich
Lunch on the terrace of Caves St. Martin

Noticing that slow cooked lamb was on the menu I couldn’t resist ordering it, as cooked well, it is one of my favourite dishes.  It definitely lived up to expectations as did the roast beef across the table, setting us up for our journey back home.  Service was efficient and lunch at Caves St. Martin had been the perfect end to our stay in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg Airport
Returning to Luxembourg airport

It was then just a 35 minute drive back to the airport and close by we filled up the car with petrol.  Interestingly, all petrol stations in the country sell fuel at the same price so there was no need to be on the lookout for cheaper options.  We had picked the car up from the city centre which was very easy but returning it to the airport turned out to be more problematic due to lack of rental car drop off signs.  After driving around the airport for about ten minutes we were none the wiser so I got out of the car and asked a taxi driver for directions.  Eventually we found the correct location in the basement of the multi storey car park and were glad that we had allowed plenty of time as returning the car took much longer than expected.

Luxembourg Airport
Preparing to board our flight home

Both check-in and security at Luxembourg airport were trouble free and we had time to enjoy cups of coffee before boarding our flight back to the UK.

Luxembourg sign, Remich

Luxembourg may only be a small country but with so many interesting things to see and do we could have easily stayed longer than five nights.  From the historic World Heritage city centre to its industrial heartland, castles and wine country we had enjoyed it all and received the warmest of welcomes wherever we went.


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During our stay we were guests of Visit Luxembourg and as always all views and opinions are entirely my own.



39 thoughts on “Day 5. Luxembourg’s Moselle Valley

    1. The Crémant was extremely good. The road network throughout the entire country is excellent and it wasn’t congested even in the city centre. The only issue was returning the car to the airport as we’d collected it in town and the signage was practically non-existent!


  1. The vineyards would definitely be up near the top of my Luxembourg list. Love those shades of green across the Remich vineyards and that charming, empty street in the centre. You’ve certainly covered a chunk of Luxembourg Marion and I guess the boats give you some incentive to return one day.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very much enjoyed your Luxembourg posts Marion and was surprised about the vineyards although shouldn’t have been! Loved that little town with the quaint alleyways.. isn’t it a pain dropping off cars at airport rental, it seems to be the same everywhere no proper signage

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Glad to see you had a lovely time in Luxembourg! I had no idea that the small country also had its own vineyards and winemaking industry…a Crémant sounds really good right now! That lamb looks so good, and I hope you had safe travels home– can’t wait to see where you go next!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kind words Rebecca. Visiting the vineyards was a perfect way to end our trip and sipping the Crémant delightful. A small country with so much to offer in all parts of the country. The best part is that you can be based in the capital the entire time as distances are similar to all the other regions.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Of course, you cannot skip the wine growing region 😀. Haha, we saw a statue of Bacchus in Portugal as well – it seems like he was a popular guy! It’s always interesting to go on a wine tour – and to see the underground tunnels must have been a great experience. To conclude your visit with wine tasting and that delicious looking food, was probably the perfect way of saying goodbye to Luxembourg. Thanks for another great tour Marion (if we ever get there, I will remember your lovely photos … but also about the rental car drop off at the airport)!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments Corna. Yes, the Moselle wine growing valley was a perfect way to end our stay in Luxembourg. It was just a pity that the Crémant bottles were too heavy for us to bring some back home with us. It was crazy that we had navigated our way around the entire country without issues but then struggled to locate the car rental drop off point back at the airport It’s best to always factor in extra time for these unexpected things! Hope you’re having a nice weekend. Marion

      Liked by 2 people

  5. What a great way to fill your last day in Luxembourg, Marion. Too bad about the tour boats, but a reason to return again? The rental car return on departure day always stresses me. I have missed a couple of flights, by not getting back in time. Thanks for sharing your visit. Allan

    Liked by 2 people

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