Day 11. Exploring Seminyak, Bali

After such a hectic previous day we enjoyed a lie-in and didn’t venture down to breakfast until 9.00 a.m. when it was lovely and quiet with a good choice of tables.  I diversified my breakfast choices with a bowl of butternut squash soup (yes, I realise it’s a strange choice for so early in the day but I like soup, and it was available).  It was actually very tasty, served with a piece of roti that I might be tempted to go for the soup option again.

Seminyak Square, Bali
Seminyak Square

Time was ticking on, and it was 11.00 a.m. by the time we were ready to arrange a Grab car to take us along the coast to the resort of Seminyak.  The journey took around 30 minutes with the fare amounting to IDR 51,000 (£2.86).  It was interesting to note that this part of the island is built up all the way between Kuta and Seminyak with the same mix of bars, restaurants, shops, etc.

Seminyak, Bali

After arranging a convenient place for the taxi to drop us off, we wandered around the small market and looked inside a shopping mall but we were a little disappointed as it wasn’t anything special.

Seminyak, Bali
The tree lined path we followed to the beach in Seminyak

Continuing on our way, we followed a tree lined path to the beach which was much quieter and cleaner than the one at Kuta.  Sun loungers with deep padded cushions were available and gladly there were fewer hawkers around trying to sell us beads, surf lessons or persuade us to have a beach side massage.

Seminyak Beach, Bali
The beach at Seminyak

One thing we really enjoyed though was removing our shoes at the water’s edge and paddling in the lovely warm water all the way back to our hotel, a distance of 10 km.  The Indian Ocean felt luxuriously warm to our feet and strolling along the soft sand it seemed no distance at all back to our hotel.  I did have to give up on the sun hat though as it kept blowing off so I stuffed it in my bag so as not to lose it.

Seminyak, Bali
Paddling my way along the beach in Bali

After our lengthy walk we rested in our room awhile then decided to go and rest on a sun lounger by the side of the rooftop pool.  It was lovely and quiet up there and relaxing under the shade of a large parasol we sipped glasses of local Bali Hai beer.

Holiday Inn Express Baruna Bali
Sipping the local beer in Bali

As we hadn’t had any lunch we ordered some late afternoon bar snacks which were very tasty and then spent some time chatting to a family from Adelaide, South Australia who told us that they visited Bali four times a year.

Holiday Inn Express Baruna Bali
Tucking in to our poolside snacks

As the sun started to set we lingered longer to watch the sky turn from shades of yellow to deep red, and despite not really being one for lazing around a pool for long periods, it was actually very pleasant as darkness fell and the temperature dropped.

Holiday Inn Express Baruna Bali
Watching the sunset from our poolside chairs

Later in the evening we had our usual seaside walk into town, stopping for something to eat but returning to the hotel slightly earlier than usual.

Sunset, Holiday Inn Express Baruna Bali
Sunset on the roof terrace

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  1. ThingsHelenLoves

    I know it’s already been mentioned, but the colours in that sunset are just incredible! Not sure about the idea of a beach massage?! I’d feel a bit awkward. Maybe I’m just too British for that sort of thing ?

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