Moscow’s most beautiful metro stations

The Moscow metro is one of the most beautiful in the world.  It was created as a showcase for the Soviet Union, and serves as a living museum with its stations adorned with mosaics, marble statues and stained glass that document the story of the Communist state.  There are 12 lines and 223 stations on the network and I’ve listed below a selection of my favourites, some of which you might like to take a look at whilst visiting Moscow.  Navigating the metro is easy with announcements now also made in English.  A male voice can be heard on journeys towards the city centre whilst female voices are used on travel out of the city centre.  Likewise, on the circle line, male announcements can be heard whilst travelling in a clockwise direction and female announcements anti-clockwise.

Komsomolskaya (Circle Line 5) Brown

Komsomolskaya metro station Moscow
Komsomolskaya metro station

This beautiful station was constructed as a gateway to Moscow due to its location beneath its three busiest rail terminals.  The station represents the peak of the Stalinist empire style with its elegant chandeliers, marble arches and mosaics.  Eight mosaic panels depict Russian warriors, commanders and of the revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin.

Park Kultury (Circle Line 5) Brown

Park Kultury metro station Moscow
Park Kultury metro station

This station is adjacent to Gorky Park and its mosaics depict leisure activities of the Soviet people including those played in the nearby park such as flying a model plane and skating.

Prospekt Mira (Circle Line 5) Brown

The design and theme of this lavish station reflects the nearby Botanical Gardens of Moscow State University.  The station opened in 1952 and features white pillars decorated with pretty floral friezes, grand chandeliers and a grey chequered floor.

Prospekt Mira metro station Moscow
Prospekt Mira metro station

Kiyevskaya (Circle Line 5) Brown

Kiyevskaya metro station, Moscow
Kiyevskaya metro station, Moscow

This white marble station features elaborate artwork frescoes and mosaics depicting life in the Ukraine and of soldiers during the October Revolution and Civil War.  It was built as a monument to Ukraine’s contribution to the creation of Soviet Russia.

Kiyevskaya metro station Moscow
Kiyevskaya metro station

Ploshchad Revolyutsii (Line 3) Blue

Ploshchad Revolyutsii metro station Moscow
Ploshchad Revolyutsii metro station

Ploshchad Revolyutsii lies close to Red Square and is devoted to the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.  There are 72 life size bronze statues all placed in alcoves along the platform and these depict soldiers, sailors, workers, peasants and animals.  It’s said to be good luck to rub the dog’s nose and one can see that it has been stroked countless times as it is now very shiny.

Bronze statue in Ploshchad Revolyutsii Station, Moscow
Bronze statue in Ploshchad Revolyutsii Station, Moscow

Arbatskaya (Line 3) Blue

Arbatskaya Station, Moscow
Arbatskaya Station, Moscow
Arbatskaya metro station Moscow
Arbatskaya metro station

This station was built by Leonid Polyakov the architect who designed one of the seven Stalinist skyscrapers.  Its granite slab floor creates a carpet like pattern and its pillars are adorned with ceramic bouquets and chandeliers of gilded bronze.

Park Pobedy (Line 3) Blue

Park Pobedy metro station Moscow
Park Pobedy metro station

This striking station celebrates the great victories of the Russian people and is the deepest on the Moscow metro and the 4th deepest in the world.  It contains the longest set of escalators in Europe with each one 126m (413 ft).  The platforms are faced in red and grey marble with distinctive large mosaics at the end of the platforms.

Taganskaya (Circle Line 5) Brown

Taganskaya metro station Moscow
Taganskaya metro station

This station opened in 1950 and is named after Taganka Square.  It has a war theme depicting images of Russia’s famous battles.  Its immense pillars are made from light coloured marble and decorated with details of ships, knights and warriors.

Novoslobodskaya (Circle Line 5) Brown

Novoslobodskaya metro station Moscow
Novoslobodskaya metro station

This station has 32 stained glass panels giving it the appearance of a vast church.  Six of the panels depict people with different professions including musicians and architects whilst the remaining 26 panels contain intricate geometric patterns and stars.

Novokuznetskaya (Line 2) Green

Novokuznetskaya metro station Moscow
Novokuznetskaya metro station

This station honours Russian war heroes.  Its central hallway decorations include octagonal ceiling mosaics on the theme of wartime, depicting the Red Army in combat.

Slavyansky Bulvar (Line 3) Blue

Slavyansky Bulvar metro station Moscow
Slavyansky Bulvar metro station

One of Moscow’s newest stations, having only been opened since 2008.  Although new, it’s still strikingly beautiful with its metal trees, branches and leaves adorning the platforms.  It has a light and airy feel and I particularly liked its wooden benches with their flower inspired trellises between the seats.

Tsvetnoy-Bulvar (Line 9) Grey

Tsvetnoy-Bulvar metro station Moscow
Tsvetnoy-Bulvar metro station
Tsvetnoy-Bulvar metro station Moscow
Tsvetnoy-Bulvar metro station

This station is located close to the Moscow Circus and its proximity is reflected in the grey stained glass above the stairs featuring images of clowns.  As with Novoslobodskaya there are stained glass panes but at this station they are much smaller.

Aviamotornaya (Line 8) Yellow

Aviamotornaya metro station Moscow
Aviamotornaya metro station

This station is dedicated to aviation designs with a large sculpture at the end of the station hall of Icarus.  The ceiling is unusual as it consists of small golden anodised pyramids.

VDNKh (Line 6) Orange

This station leads into the vast Exhibition of Achievement of the National Economy and is faced in white marble with green painted archways.

VDNKh metro station Moscow
VDNKh metro station

Dinamo (Line 2) Blue

Dinamo metro station Moscow
Dinamo metro station

The main focus of this station relates to sporting activities.  The station is named after the Dinamo stadium outside its entrance, since re-named the VTB Arena.  Its platforms are are decorated with porcelain medallions depicting sports and competitions.

Vorobyovy Gory (Line 1) Red

Vorobyovy Gory metro station Moscow
Vorobyovy Gory metro station

This station is unusual in that it is built over a bridge crossing the Moskva River.  Its large platform is used for temporary exhibitions of fashion, porcelain, art work and dolls.

Mayakovskaya (Line 2) Green

Mayakovskaya metro station Moscow
Mayakovskaya metro station

This station features art-deco stainless steel columns and was used as a bomb shelter during the Second World War.

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67 thoughts on “Moscow’s most beautiful metro stations

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      1. It was an experience that forever changed me in multiple ways. The most immediate was because I was a farm kid with fundamentalist Christian parents. They didn’t homeschool me but the little time between classes during the school day was my only social contact other than family and I was kept on a short leash outside of that. Obviously, the chaperones on the trip kept us on tight restrictions as well but it was much looser than my parents. Another part was that my world ceased to be only a few square miles of New England.

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  8. These are simply stunning.

    I suspect that if I went to Moscow I would just spend my entire time jumping on and off the Metro taking pictures and not actually see anything at gorund level.

    I was once told that Gant’s Hill station on the Central Line in London was modelled on a Moscow Metro Station and whilst it is impressive it is not a patch on these places.

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    1. The stations are absolutely stunning and all unique. You can ride around to your heart’s content for an entire week for only £10 but it’s pretty decent above ground too! Not been to Gant’s Hill, will look on the Tube map and see where it is next time I’m in London. Thanks for taking an interest in this post,

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  9. Wow, these are incredible! When I was in St Petersburg I heard that they wanted to make the metro stations look like a palace – and they definitely did!! Thanks a lot for sharing your recommendations 😊

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  10. By the way, you can consider saving some money by purchasing Troika Metro Cards for limited period validity (24 h, 48 h, 72 h and so on).. I purchased one card for 1 “sutki” (day) validity at RUB 218.. Works on Buses, Monorail and Trams as well.. 🙂

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  11. Russia should try to charge a fee and attract tourists specifically to its Metro Stations. They don’t look like they are meant for public commute. Rather they appear to be meant for use as Palaces or Art Galleries..!!
    I loved Russian Metro Stations the Most out of all Metro Stations worldwide which I visited. I don’t think anyone else can ever beat these Art Galleries. I personally liked Prospect Mira and Taganskaya the most.
    Thank you so much Madam once again for sharing..!! 🙂

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      1. Thank you once again Madam for sharing..!! I love Russia, and its elegance in Cold.. And your post is well crafted, supplemented by breathtaking pictures..!! 🙂
        Loved your blog.. Will check out more.. 🙂
        You can visit my blog as well.. Have written a few articles on Russia.. Would love your feedback.. 🙂

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