Day 14. Palermo, Sicily city centre walk

Our final day in Sicily began slowly with a leisurely breakfast on our shady balcony. As our British Airways return flight to London wasn’t due to depart until 20.30 we had arranged a late check out, enabling us to have access to our apartment until late afternoon.

Palermo Cathedral
The majestic Palermo Cathedral

We started the day with a stroll along to the cathedral and admired its beautiful facade for one last time. Taking a walk around the side of the majestic church there was even more intricate stonework for us enjoy. Our route took us to the Capo district which is home to another of Palermo’s large outdoor markets. The Capo market was similar in size to the Ballero market located near to our apartment, stretching out from the square along neighbouring roads.

Capo market in Palermo
The Capo market in Palermo

After wandering amongst the stalls and trying to figure out what all the fish were, we continued on as far as the National Museum of Sicily which had a delightful courtyard inside its entrance way. It was then time for a coffee in a nearby square. Although I’ve been enjoying my daily morning cappuccino’s, I do wish they could be served in larger sized cups like at home.

National Museum of Sicily
The beautiful courtyard of the National Museum of Sicily

Feeling rested after a morning in the hot Sicilian sunshine we decided that we couldn’t leave Palermo without one final visit to the waterfront and marina with its stunning cliff side backdrop. Our seaside walk took us through some gardens which offered a little shade whilst sitting on a bench a few minutes to study our phone map.

Palermo harbour
Palermo harbour

We soon realised that we were quite close to the Villa Giulia Gardens which offer free entry. As we reached the gardens, all the gates seemed to be padlocked but eventually after continuing around to the other side of the park we found the main entrance which was open,

Via Giulia Gardens Palermo
Via Giulia Gardens Palermo

The gardens are well maintained and attractively laid out, particularly in the central section which has four matching pavilions. Bougainvillea was growing over the arches creating a blaze of red and purple blossom.

Villa Giulia Gardens, Palermo
Elaborate pavilions in Villa Giulia Gardens

An ice cream kiosk was a welcome find and we wandered slowly back inland to our apartment trying to finish our cones before they melted in the heat. A late lunch out on on terrace followed comprising of a variety leftovers that needed eating up before going home and we accompanied these with salad.

It was then time to finish packing our things together and after doing so, we wheeled our luggage along to the station for a train to Punts Raisa, Tickets cost only €5.90 for the 35km journey but if you plan to make this journey, do allow plenty of time as the train stops repeatedly and takes 65 minutes to reach its terminus beneath Palermo airport.

View from the terminal at Palermo Airport
View from the terminal at Palermo Airport

Fortunately there were no other passengers waiting to check in at the BA desk which was a bonus and passing through security was also a reasonably fast process. The only bad news was that our flight was delayed by 40 minutes so we had longer than expected to amuse ourselves in the terminal.

British Airways Gate Palermo Airport
Awaiting our flight at Gate 19

Once on board the aircraft we found it was only 75% full and we were again fortunate to have a spare seat next to us, enabling us to spread out a little. The flight passed quickly and managed to make up for its late departure coming into the gate at Heathrow’s Terminal 3 exactly on time. After collecting our luggage from the baggage carousel we then opened our cases to retrieve our coats as it felt decidedly chilly in London compared to the temperatures we had experienced during our two weeks in Sicily.

This brings to an end my series of posts on our visit to southern Italy. Thank you for taking an interest in this trip and for your ever welcome thoughts which hopefully might inspire some of you to visit beautiful Sicily for yourselves!

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I would like to thank Visit Sicily for arranging our visit. As always all views and opinions are entirely my own.


35 thoughts on “Day 14. Palermo, Sicily city centre walk

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  5. Hello, and thank you for following my own blog, and our recent trip to Scotland. We took a wonderful 4 week trip on our own to Italy in 2014 and still have very fond memories of that trip. It is interesting reading about your own experiences there.

    If I may ask, i see that you have thousands of followers on your blog. I am interested in trying to increase the exposure to my own blog. After three years of blogging, I only have less than a hundred followers. I do use the free version of WordPress and wonder if that may be a limiting factor? What do you think has been the most important factor in your blog generating such a large following? Thanks for any suggestions.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for commenting, it’s good to hear from you. My blog s just over four years old and after the first few months with just a trickle of followers it started to grow quite fast. I don’t know what the answer is as it’s probably different for everyone but I try and be consistent, post to a regular schedule but above all believe that a quality post is much more important than quantity so if I didn’t have some good content ready I would delay posting. The important thing is to enjoy writing and hopefully more followers will come your way and your blog will get noticed by some bigger websites who will share your content. Hope this helps.

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  6. What a fabulous trip Marion…this was clearly a particularly good day – I would have loved all the places you went to on this day. PS it’s very warm here today getting so close to summer but we already have had horrendous bush fires with over 460 homes lost in New South Wales alone and four people have lost their sad!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I saw the devastating bush fires on the news, so horrific for everyone and the landscape. What with the floods here I don’t know what the world’s coming to. Am abroad at the moment but will definitely have to dig out my hat, scarf,gloves, down coat and boots on my return as it’s getting colder for us! Take care, and thanks for your ever welcome thoughts. Sicily was lovely and highly recommended. Marion

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Your comment about the coats made me laugh. My grandson (7) and I will be flying into Heathrow in a few days and I had already decided to take a small overhead case just for our coats/scarfs/hats and gloves. I know we are going to need them.

    Looking forward to your next adventure.

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  8. Jepsy Babu

    Palermo cathedral is sooo beautiful, the view from the airport is breathtaking, the garden, harbour and museum is also amazing. I hope last day at Palermo is memorable. Good luck travelling and have more fun on your next visiting place.

    Liked by 2 people

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