Day 11. Savonlinna in the Finnish Lake District

This morning we travelled to Savonlinna in south eastern Finland, which is located quite near to the Russian border.  The journey takes just over five hours by either train or coach.  In previous years we have travelled by train but this time we opted to travel by coach as Onnibus have started to operate this route and offer some very inexpensive fares.  Our bus left at 10.30 am and we were lucky to be able to sit on the front seats of the upper deck for the best views.  The journey was smooth,  traffic was light and the free Wi-Fi worked well.

Yachts in Savonlinna, Finland
Savonlinna, Finland

Our Finnish friend had come to meet us by boat and after donning our life jackets we motored around the bay and found a mooring near to Savonlinna’s market place where we enjoyed a snack of the tasty small fish ‘muikku’ and cups of coffee looking out across Lake Saimaa.

Muikku fish, Finland
Muikku fish

The market was starting to pack up for the day but we had just enough time to buy some fresh berries to take back to the cottage.  Back on board the boat, we motored past the beautiful fairytale like 15th century Olavinlinna Castle which has three towers and is a joy to behold.

Olavinlinna Castle, Savonlinna, Finland
Olavinlinna Castle

The afternoon sun shone brightly and with a warm, gentle breeze there was no need for coats on the hour long boat journey to our friend’s secluded summer cottage hidden away on a remote island.

Dogs on boat, Savonlinna, Finland
Dogs on lookout duty

It’s the fourth time that we’ve had the pleasure to be invited to our friend’s summer cottage and we always love our time there, experiencing life in a mökki.  Our evening was spent eating a tasty barbecue dinner on the terrace, sipping wine, chatting and enjoying a Finnish ‘white night’ until well after midnight.

Lakeside summer cottage, Finland
Finnish summer cottage life


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37 thoughts on “Day 11. Savonlinna in the Finnish Lake District

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  7. That does indeed look like a blissful life! I’ve only met one Finn so far but he was extremely friendly, and gave us beer 😊 The fresh fish looks delicious too – pining for Scandianvia right now.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Already have 😊 Visited central Sweden last Summer, and took my fifth trip to Iceland in the Spring. Planning another Scandi trip for next year but haven’t decided on which country yet. Will start plotting after Christmas.

        Liked by 1 person

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  9. Wow. How glad I am that You visited to Savonlinna. You cannot imagine how many time I have visited it. Did You visit Olavinlinna castle? Probably yes, I guess. Can we wait Your post about it? I have visited it even in winter one year, when our Miss candidates were there and made ice carvings. Guess, if I have a post about it. 🙂

    One question about Your bus journey. Did You pass via Mikkeli or via Lappeenranta? If via Mikkeli, then You went very near to our home.

    Thank You for this post full with beautiful photos. Happy Wednesday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good morning Sartenada! Thank you for your positive thoughts on my recent post. We’ve visited Savonlinna several times now and I think it is such a beautiful town with its delightful setting on Lake Saimaa. The bus did indeed go via Mikelli and one year we stopped off there to look around when we had a hire car, so we were not too far from where you live. It’s a lovely morning here, hope it’s the same with you. Kind Regards!

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  10. How lovely that you got to get out on the water too! We had a summer cottage when I was a child but I didn’t really know to appreaciate it then. These days a quiet night by the water is quite wonderful. Savonlinna is lovely too. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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