Day 12. Enjoying life at the summer cottage on Lake Saimaa

We slept until late this morning, it’s so peaceful here at the Finnish summer cottage.  After enjoying a brunch of pancakes with strawberries and yoghurt we relaxed on the terrace awhile soaking up the beautiful views.

Kongosaari, Finland
Kongosaari, Finland

We decided to take some exercise and go for a walk to pick some berries and mushrooms.  Fortunately for me, my Finnish friend is also small and we share the same shoe size meaning that she could equip me with rubber boots for our forest walk.  Equipped with a berry picking device ‘poimuri’ and little wooden baskets we set off on our way.

Mushroom picking, Finland
Mushroom picking, Finland

The plan was to try and pick some chanterelle mushrooms and also some blueberries.  Our friend had some good ideas of where we might find them.  There were plenty of the delicious chanterelle mushrooms to be found so we picked enough for dinner.  Moving on to a different location in the forest we looked in swamps for cloudberries but they were not ready but we did manage to collect a bowl of blueberries to eat for dessert.  I hadn’t used the ‘poimuri’ device before but they are a really clever invention, all you need to do is rub it along the blueberry bushes and then the berries magically drop off and appear in the container ready to transfer to our little baskets.  Whilst walking in the forest I felt myself getting badly bitten, why oh why did I not bother to apply some insect repellent before setting off!

Chanterelle mushrooms
Chanterelle mushrooms

Returning to the cottage I needed to apply sting relief to my insect bites to relieve the itchiness, I was the only one to get bitten!  With our produce we then prepared dinner making a delicious sauce using the chanterelle mushrooms to eat with some chicken and then for dessert we ate the blueberries we had just picked served with whipped cream.

Cooking Chanterelle mushrooms
Cooking the chanterelle mushrooms

We again spent the evening chatting on the terrace, sipping wine and above all enjoying the tranquil Finnish countryside overlooking Lake Saimaa.

Finnish Summer Cottage Terrace
Finnish summer cottage life


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51 thoughts on “Day 12. Enjoying life at the summer cottage on Lake Saimaa

  1. Really rocking those Wellies, Marion. I think the insect bites on visitors and guests as opposed to residents are the bugs way of thanking the cottage owner for bringing in new victims. Ha Ha. The cottage and lake look beautiful. So glad you got this chance to explore Finnish cottage life. Cheers. Allan

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  2. Nice posts! 🙂 Been reading a few of yours now in a row. Looks like fun! I’ve never been to Saimaa though I’m a Finn and I would very much like to see the lakes this country is famous for. (I guess it would require hiring a cottage, hiring a car, etc and so it’s just less expensive in the end to go abroad!) So thanks for taking me along on your virtual visit! It’s been decades since I last picked blueberries or went to a lakeside sauna but now I feel like I was there with you! 🙂

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  3. So nice to read about your trip to Finland, my home country 🙂 The mökki seems very nice and beautiful place! I have also been picking up berries at our mökki. Our grandparents bought from Australia, when they were traveling there, a protective wear which works very well against Finnish insects too 🙂

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  4. It’s so pretty there! Your forest gear is so stylish, you should see what I look like when I go there 😛 Long pants are a must because of the mozzies, even if it’s hot out! Although I’m lucky that they always go for hubby instead of me. So great to experience this type of Finnish summer too and you seemed to find quite a bit of chanterelles, well done!

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    1. I realised I should have worn trousers but when it’s so warm and sunny I didn’t other to change. Never mind! Chanterelle mushrooms are my summer favourite and they were easy to spot in the forest. Sorry to read you have heavy rain now, it’s actually quite sunny here but the predicted heatwave hasn’t arrived yet. Hope it improves for you later on.

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    1. It’s annoying how some people get bitten whilst others you have been out with all the time aren’t troubled!! Still. we can get bitten locally so it’s not just a Finnish problem. One of the places I acquired most bites was in the Scottish Highlands, they were vicious! Finnish summer cottages are idyllic and our friend’s one even has a dishwasher and other mod cons!

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      1. Kirstie

        I seem to attract all the mozzies in a 3 mile radius too, and the Highlands are the worst! I can still remember very vividly a trip more than ten years ago where I spent the whole night in the tent tossing and turning because of the hundred plus bites that were itching so badly (I had to count them!). I think my tent mates were nearly as irritated as me…

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    1. Thanks Keng for reading my posts and your interesting observations. Chanterelle mushrooms are absolutely delicious and if picked fresh and without cost, even better! The ‘berry picker’ is really useful. I’ve now seen them in one retailer in the UK (Clas Ohlson) but that’s all and they are in fact Swedish!

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  5. How nice to read Your experience by the Lake Saimaa at a summer cottage. You saw, that in Finland everyone has a friend in summer – mosquito (Finnish saying). 🙂 I do not suffer from the bites of mosquitoes, but my wife, yes.

    Happy weekend!


    1. Good Morning Sartenada, Thank you for your recent comment, it’s most welcome. The insects are a nuisance but they don’t spoil my travels. It’s so strange that some of us are affected and others not. Lake Saimaa is truly beautiful. I hope you both have a relaxing weekend with some sunshine. A heatwave is forecast here for next week – let’s see what happens!

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