Day 3. Our final day in Hamburg

Our hotel on The Esplanade
After being tempted to eating rather too many waffles for breakfast, a long walk seemed to be the answer so we headed to the lake front in the centre of town.  This is the Alster, the central point alongside the harbour pier and main shopping centre.  We had walked along here yesterday, so today we crossed the bridge dividing the two lakes to the smaller Aussenalster.  Away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre it’s much more tranquil here, but just as scenic.  We followed a 7km walking trail round the lake which took us about two hours, excluding a coffee stop at one of the many lakeside cafes along the way.

The Alster pier
On this icy cold February morning there were plenty of people about, keep fit enthusiasts jogging along, cyclists and families enjoying a Sunday morning stroll.   There were lovely views to be had both of the natural beauty of the lake and also of the Hamburg skyline with its famous spires and towers.  Our walk took us alongside beautiful old white villas and smart neighbourhoods, it was a perfect way to end our weekend in this German city.

The frozen Aussenalster
After returning to our hotel to collect our bags, we took the train back to the airport for our return flight back to London Heathrow airport.

For a short  European break,  Hamburg has lots to offer for both city and nature lovers.  It’s a very clean, safe city and is definitely worthy of a weekend away.

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17 thoughts on “Day 3. Our final day in Hamburg

  1. Thanks a lot for checking out my blog. In return, I checked out your blog and since I’m on a holiday in Hamburg right now your tips are really useful for me. By the way, I can’t believe that you travelled to all these amazing spots on our planet. Keep it up ❤

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