Day 1 Kraków at Christmas

Best Western Old Town Krakow
Best Western Old Town Krakow

A few weeks ago we noticed some cheap flights advertised to the beautiful city of Kraków from an easily accessible airport so without hesitation we snapped them up for a pre Christmas weekend away.

The flight with Ryanair left on time and two and a quarter hours later we were touching down in Kraków, the jewel of Poland. It was my fourth visit there and the second at Christmas.  Since our last visit two years ago, a shiny new terminal has opened complete with an integral railway station for easy access into the city centre.  For those of you who may have visited Kraków before these improvements it was neccessary to take a 15 minute outdoor walk from the old terminal building to the train stop, it couldn’t be described as a station because it resembled a bus shelter.

Krakow Christmas Market
Christmas Market

Taking the train we sped into the city centre in just over 15 minutes, tickets can be purchased on board and cost  8 Zloty  (£1.12) each.  We walked along to our hotel,  The Best Western Old Town Kraków a fifteen minute stroll overlooking the castle walls.   Our room we were told was in the Jazz wing but the only nod to Jazz appeared  to be along the corridors which are adorned with large framed prints of jazz musicians.  Our room, in a new wing, was both modern and comfortable.  We unpacked, freshened up and were soon ready to eat.

Best Western Old Town, Krakow
Best Western Old Town, Krakow

Surrounding the old town lies ‘The Planty’ an attractive park which we walked through to ‘Pod Wawelem” a favourite pub where we had dined previously.  It was busy but we managed to find a table and enjoyed a hearty meal accompanied by large glasses of the local Tyskie beer.  Then it was off to the charming old square where we wandered around the Christmas Market and soaked up the atmosphere before returning to our hotel for the night.

Pod Wawelem, Krakow
Pod Wawelem, Krakow

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37 thoughts on “Day 1 Kraków at Christmas

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  7. Enjoyed reading this post about Krakow. My husband was born there and I’ve visited twice. Must admit it helped having someone with the lingo. I was interested to read about your experiences and got me thinking to visit again soon. Thankyou.
    Great resource!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I lived in Warsaw for 4 and a half years and just loved Krakow! Warsaw has more a raw beauty with much of it destroyed in WW2 then rebuilt within socialist remits, this however helps the old stunning architecture to not get lost in the midst of the beauty. Krakow sometimes is too beautiful to every find yourself stopping and going wow – that’s an amazing building. Love Poland, miss Poland.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Vanessa Venable

        That would be amazing considering the other places I have looked into. Thank you for sharing, I will keep up to date on your experiences in Poland!


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