Day 1. Flight to Malaga and an afternoon at the Alcazar

Our Ryanair flight to Malaga departed on time at 08.45.  It was the first time we had flown Ryanair since free seat allocations had been introduced.  It was a big improvement avoiding standing and queueing ages to be able to sit together.  We were also fortunate to have an empty seat next to us on an otherwise full flight.

Inside our studio apartment in Malaga

From the airport there is a direct rail link into the centre of Malaga which only takes 8 minutes (€1.75 each).  It then took us a further 20 minutes to walk to our apartment in the heart of the old town.

The Alcazar

The accommodation was modern and spacious and after dropping off our bags we headed to a nearby tapas bar for some lunch, soaking up some of the spring sunshine.

Malaga old town

We then climbed the steep hill to the Alcazar and its adjacent castle.  The ticket office was closed but a sign informed visitors that admission on Sunday’s is free, so by chance we had picked a good day to visit.   It was a lengthy climb but there were good views to be had as it was a clear, sunny afternoon.  We relaxed on the castle terrace with a cool beer before taking the path back down to the old town.    There were lots of restaurants to choose from for our evening meal, we ate in one near the cathedral surrounded by pots of red geraniums.

Dinner in Malaga

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