Day 3. By train to the Ronda Gorge

Our morning began with an early morning stroll around Malaga’s indoor fruit, vegetable, meat and fish market before taking the 10.00 am Renfe Media Distance (MD) train to Ronda.  Our train was very comfortable with air conditioning and it was a relaxing journey over to Ronda.

Ronda, Andalucia
Ronda, Andalucia

The main reason for our visit was to see the famous Ronda Gorge and bridge but first we needed to stop for coffees to help us on our way.

Ronda lies 62 miles west of Malaga.  The Puente Nuevo (new bridge) isn’t exactly new as it was constructed in 1793 linking the old moorish town with the newer parts of the town. It crosses the Guadalevin River which flows through the town where it has carved out the steep El Tojo gorge.

Ronda Gorge, Andalucia
Ronda Gorge

Views of the gorge were breathtaking and seemed to improve at every angle.  We walked down into the gorge along the Camino de los Molinos where the views were even better.

The old town was crowded with tourists as the gorge is one of the major landmarks for visitors to Andalucia and has the usual mix of souvenir shops and cafes.  Our lunch though was disappointing, which for us is a rarity in Spain,  prices were higher and quality lower than previous days but perhaps we were just unlucky with our chosen restaurant.

The Bullring, Ronda
The Bullring, Ronda

Strolling through the Cuenca Gardens was a delight as they were full of springtime colour.  Finally, we viewed the bullring before returning to Malaga at 6.00 pm.

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14 thoughts on “Day 3. By train to the Ronda Gorge

      1. Hi Marion– we lived in Andalusia mostly– in a pueblo south of Seville with the most wonderful people, then in Seville and then outside Madrid for the last 3 years. Do speak Spanish– but not so well as my kids who went to Spanish public school– I wish I could have just sat in the 3rd grade and soaked it up everyday! But now I teach in a Title 1 school in California and get lots of chances to use Spanish. Looking forward to seeing more of your world travels!

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