Day 6. A Day in Cadiz

This morning we boarded a train bound for Cadiz.  Trains depart from Seville’s other station,  St. Bernardo and the journey takes two hours.  Cadiz is the most westerly part of Spain, situated on the Atlantic Ocean.

Cadiz harbour
Cadiz harbour
In need of a coffee fix, we found some inviting cafes in the main square overlooking the 18th century baroque cathedral, perfect for some people watching.  The cathedral’s golden dome gleamed in the midday sun and we watched stages being assembled for the forthcoming Holy Week processions.
The Cathedral, Cadiz
The Cathedral, Cadiz
Castillo San Sebastian Fortress, Cadiz
Entrance to the Fortress

Our sightseeing started off along the narrow lanes of the old town which opened up into small piazzas, looking beautiful with their cherry blossom trees in full bloom.  Next, we found ourselves beside the sea, with the Castillo San Sebastian in front of us.  We explored the historic fortress which is linked to the sea by a tidal causeway.  A little further along there was a pretty little beach, ‘Playa La Caleta’ with small colourful boats bobbing about, anchored in the harbour.  


The promenade was really at its best for our visit in late April as the majority of the trees were either Cherry or Apple and the blossom was at its peak.  A further landmark along this stretch of seafront was the Torre Tavira watchtower.  Heading back inland we took a look inside the newly opened market hall.  It’s very spacious with bars and cafes down each side surrounding the food stalls.  We didn’t eat there, but instead in a delightful refurbished old tobacco warehouse near the main square.   After a leisurely, late lunch we decided to head back on the train to Seville having enjoyed Cadiz which is far less touristy but even nicer than we had expected. After resting awhile in our apartment we took an evening stroll through the town which was thronged with crowds watching the candlelight Semana Santa procession so we stopped awhile and joined them.

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