Day 1.  Manchester to Doha on our way to Singapore with Qatar Airways

On board the aircraft

We caught the 9.53 am train to Manchester Airport and arrived in Terminal 2  just as check-in opened for our flight as there was no queue.  Passing through security was busy as it was the first day of the school holidays but it still left plenty of time to enjoy an airside coffee before our flight.

Boarding for our flight at Gate 202 was swift and we were soon on board the A330-200 aircraft which had recently been refurbished.  Our chosen seats, 17A and 17B were in the front left section of the plane and the configuration of 2 4 2 meant that we were seated on our own which was a bonus.

Meal served in Economy on Qatar Airways flight

Service from the Qatar flight attendants was attentive and we were even served complimentary champagne in economy class before and during our dinner. The In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) was easy to use and during the flight I watched two films, “The Theory of Everything” and “The Imitation Game” which passed the time.   Around 90 minutes before landing into Doha snack boxes were distributed containing sweet and savoury snacks whilst hot drinks were being offered, these tasted so nice that I could easily have managed a second one.  It was just before midnight local time when we arrived in our transit hub, Doha.

Qatar Airways snack box
Qatar Airways snack box

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7 thoughts on “Day 1.  Manchester to Doha on our way to Singapore with Qatar Airways

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  2. I am planning for a Singapore trip on my own this year and this is certainly going to help…Am not someone who likes group tours….we share our interest in travelling common (though I don’t blog about my travel) 🙂

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