Day 5. The Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer
The Singapore Flyer

During the afternoon we decided to take the MRT to Promenade station and take a ride on the Singapore Flyer.  It stands 165m tall and is the largest big wheel outside of the U.S.  It costs $33 each for the 30 minute ride.

View of Supertree Grove from The Singapore Flyer
View of Supertree Grove from The Singapore Flyer

When we arrived there was no queue to buy tickets and we were able to board without delay.  Surprisingly, we had one of the spacious pods all to ourselves.  It was 2.30 pm so I don’t know if we were just fortunate to pick a quiet time or whether it’s no longer so popular.  Nevertheless, we found the 30 minute ride enthralling with amazing views of Marina Bay and the cityscape below.  It was particularly fun to be able to see part of the F1 motor racing circuit and the rooftop of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.  As is often the case in Singapore, it was slightly overcast, but there were still fine views to be had.

Singapore F1 Circuit taken from the Singapore Flyer
The Singapore F1 Circuit

We had just returned to the hotel a few minutes before thundery rain started.  It was the first rain of our holiday so we’d been very lucky.  The storm lasted a couple of hours so we had to miss out on using the rooftop pool that evening.

It was still quite dark and gloomy when we went out for dinner but it had at least stopped raining.   We took the MRT to Lau Pa Sat and dined in the hawker food centre there.  Lau Pa Sat translated means Old Market Hall.

Singapore Flyer
Inside The Flyer pod

It’s a beautiful, old colonial building that’s recently been tastefully refurbished.  There’s a huge, old clock in the centre, and the food stalls are attractively laid out in the hall. Eating is at plastic tables which are kept very clean.  As is the norm in hawker centres serviettes are not provided so it’s a good idea to take a packet of tissues with you.  As well as chopsticks, forks and spoons are generally available.  The quality of the food there is excellent and it’s probably less expensive than Gluttons Bay down at the Esplanade.

Lau Pa Sat, Singapore
Lau Pa Sat

Outside,  the adjoining road is closed during the evenings and street vendors take over the area selling delicious satay sticks which are irresistible and cost very little. The end of another fantastic day in Singapore.

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2 thoughts on “Day 5. The Singapore Flyer

  1. Tremendous views from the top of the wheel Marion. I do not think the hawker center was there either when we were, but we did go to a multicultural food hall to savour the flavours. I have to get back to Singapore. Thanks for sharing. Allan

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