Day 7. Visiting Singapore Zoo

We woke to light rain, but as the breakfast terrace was covered we were still able to eat outside.   We decided to visit the Zoo today so we had a lengthy metro and bus journey to get there.  The journey was easy as we took the MRT from Clarke Quay to Ang Mo Kio and then changed for Bus No. 138 which took us to the zoo.

Water lilies, Singapore Zoo
Water lilies, Singapore Zoo
Water lilies, Singapore Zoo

We are not really ‘zoo’ people but we’d read so much about this zoo, set in the midst of a rainforest, that we felt we ought to go and see for ourselves.    Fortunately for us,  the rain showers stopped a few minutes after we arrived so our umbrellas were packed away for the day.    The zoo resembles a large botanical garden set in the rain forest.

Singapore Zoo
Singapore Zoo

Neatly manicured lawns and flowerbeds alongside signposted paths guide visitors around the zoo.  Monkeys roam freely and can be seen ‘performing’ tricks between the trees to the delight of the passing  visitors.   The park is set around a large, natural lake,  and animals can be viewed safely without the need for any cages.  There were several school parties there on the day we visited but it wasn’t at all crowded and proved to be a pleasant morning excursion.

Singapore Zoo
Singapore Zoo

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