Day 4. Deutsche Bundesbank Museum, Frankfurt

Our short break in Frankfurt was sadly drawing to a close as we enjoyed breakfast on our final morning at the IBIS Styles Frankfurt City. The hotel had been very pleasant ticking all the boxes for us with its modern stylish decor, good breakfast selection and quiet yet convenient location between the city’s central railway station and the riverside.

IBIS Styles Frankfurt CIty
The breakfast room at the IBIS Styles Frankfurt CIty

After checking out and leaving our luggage to pick up later, we hopped on the U Bahn to Dombusch (Lines U1, U2, U3 and U8 all go there) as we wished to visit the Money Museum of the Deutsche Bundesbank located 500m from the tram stop. The museum offers free admission and is open from 9.00 -5.00 p.m. daily (closed Saturday).

The Money Museum of the Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt
The Money Museum of the Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt

After visiting numerous other Money Museums around the world, we were eager to find out how the Money Museum of the Deutsche Bundesbank compared. We read that the museum’s aim is to inform about the function of money, the tasks of the central bank and the importance of monetary stability. This sounded interesting so we picked up a map from the information desk and began our self guided tour. The museum has a circular design with the outer ring presenting current topics demonstrated by examples of every day lives. The inner circle is devoted to the past from the origins of modern banking.

Deutsche Bundesbank Museum, Frankfurt
Inside the modern interior of the Deutsche Bundesbank Museum, Frankfurt

The galleries are divided into four sections covering Cash, Book Money, Monetary Policy and Global Money with information boards and interactive screens making it accessible for both children and adults.

Deutsche Bundesbank Museum, Frankfurt
Display showing newspaper coverage on the launch of the Euro

We completed our tour with a visit to the 360 degree cinema where we were able to select from a collection of twelve short films and sit in comfortable swivel armchairs to view all parts of the screen.

After leaving the museum it didn’t take too long to return to our hotel to collect our bags and then walk the short distance to the Hauptbahnhof for a train back to the airport. Single tickets cost €4.95 each and do not need validating before boarding the train. Passengers can take both line S8 and S9 to the airport and these both depart from the same platform but please be aware that a third train also departs from there that does not stop at the airport. Trains run every 15-20 minutes with the journey taking approximately 16 minutes along the 13km route.

Airside, Frankfurt Airport
Airside, Frankfurt Airport

Once we had arrived at the airport’s regional station which is located below Terminal 1 we followed signs to the Skytrain monorail which is free of charge and connects to Terminal 2 in only 6 minutes. There were no delays passing through security and soon we were waiting to board our flight back to Manchester. As with our arrival, it was necessary for us to take a shuttle bus out to the aircraft as it was positioned on a remote parking stand at the far side of the airfield about 15 minutes away. Unlike our outbound flight, the returning aircraft had a light load and we had plenty of room to spread out on the short one and a half hour flight back to Manchester.

Remote parking stands at Frankfurt Airport
Remote parking stands at Frankfurt Airport

Visiting Frankfurt for a short break in winter had been a good idea as we had found numerous interesting things to do which included visiting museums, taking a sightseeing cruise along the River Main, exploring the charming old town and of course sampling the local frankfurters and schnitzels. I’m sure it looks even nicer in summer so hopefully we’ll have an opportunity to return sometime and enjoy riverside walks and eating out on the flower decked terraces.

I would like to thank Visit Frankfurt for helping to make this trip possible and, as always all views and opinions are entirely my own.

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24 thoughts on “Day 4. Deutsche Bundesbank Museum, Frankfurt

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  5. Thank You for this interesting post to me. Although we have been really many times in Frankfurt, we have not visited this. I think that I have told You about our clothes shopping trips there. As Suvi said clothes are there cheap, but it is not all. German people require quality!!! Also, they fitting sizes for everybody! Important to us. There is one long street full of shops, but we visit genrally only in two of them after finding the best shops for us!

    Have a wonderful day.

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  6. Nice pics you got here I think your travels will inspire those who have desires of travelling to work hard and make sure they get to realise their dreams just by looking at your pics and realising what they are missing out.

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  7. I love Germany! It’s so much cheaper than Finland and there’s many interesting sights and museums all over the country. I haven’t been to Frankfurt though – only the airport. I am looking into München being my next German destination.

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    1. Thanks for your welcome thoughts Suvi. I’d like to visit Munich as well as I’ve only passed through the airport on a couple of ski trips but that was ages ago. Frankfurt was really nice for a winter city break and I was pleasantly surprised how unrushed and relaxed it felt considering it’s a major financial centre,

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  8. Guten Tag! I’m nominating you for the Mystery Blogger Award for your excellent blogging. Congratulations! Here are five questions for you as a nominee:

    What do you like most about blogging?
    What is your favorite genre to read? (mystery? ; )
    First drafts – pen or keyboard?
    What inspires your writing, art, or photography?
    Funny question: Lime jello or coconut flan for dessert?

    For more information on Okoto Enigma, the award’s creator, and the guidelines for the award, please check her or my website. Felicidades! Rebecca

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