Day 6. Budapest – along the Danube

We enjoyed our final breakfast in the hotel’s beautifully appointed restaurant before gathering our belongings together and checking out. Our stay at the Hotel Nemzeti M Gallery by Sofitel had been lovely with courteous and attentive service, delicious food and comfortable rooms.

M Gallery by Sofitel Budapest breakfast buffet
Flavoured water at the M Gallery by Sofitel breakfast buffet

We left our luggage with the concierge to collect later in the day and then took the tram along to the southern end of Margaret Island for a morning stroll.  The weather wasn’t exactly conducive for a walk on an exposed island as it was blowing a gale and drizzling, but we plodded on with our hoods up. Along the embankment, we could see exposed stones on the riverbed indicating how low water levels had dropped on the Danube after a prolonged, dry summer causing havoc to river cruise itineraries.

Margaret Island, Budapest
Low river levels at Margaret Island, Budapest

Margaret Island is 2.5 km (1.55 miles) long stretching from Margit Bridge along to Årpåd Bridge but due to the miserable conditions we didn’t make it to the northern end, and instead turned inland in search of the island’s famous musical fountain. On reaching the fountain, which is said to rival the one in Barcelona, it had unfortunately been turned off for the winter period. In summertime, the shady paths criss-crossing the island would be a perfect place for a gentle stroll, but sadly not on the morning of our visit.

Margaret Island, Budapest
Walking and jogging paths on Margaret Island, Budapest

Returning to the tram stop, we decided to hop on a tram and take one final look at the magnificent Hungarian Parliament in Kossuth Square. On a return visit to Budapest, a guided tour of the Parliament building would be a high priority for us but on this occasion we only had time to visit the museum located in the visitor centre (admission free). This small museum documents the history of the National Assembly covering the 1,000 year long Hungarian legislation with exhibits in glass showcases and on interactive screens.

Budapest tram
Taking a tram to the Parliament Building

We then enjoyed our final mugs of hot chocolate of the holiday before returning to the hotel to collect our luggage from the hotel. Another advantage of the Hotel Nemzeti is that it has both tram and metro lines leaving from the Blaha Lujza tér, outside its door, enabling guests to travel around the city with speed and ease.

McCafe Budapest Hot Chocolatev
Our final hot chocolate of the holiday

We returned to the airport on Tram 4, transferring to Metro line 3 to its terminus at Kobanya-Kispest railway station before catching Bus 200 to Liszt Ferenc Airport. Travelling to Budapest airport by this method is included in the Budapest travel card but please note that the express Bus 100 which we took on our arrival is excluded from the travel card and an additional ticket needs to be purchased to travel on this service.

Terminal 2, Budapest Airport
Terminal 2, Budapest Airport

Budapest airport is quite pleasant with numerous airside cafes and shops. We found some seats near the large windows and sat there awhile watching the planes take off and land until our gate opened.  Our Ryanair flight departed just a few minutes late and it was a smooth two and a quarter hour journey back to London Stansted. Here we found plenty of e-gates open and we were soon heading down to the railway station for the Stansted Express to the centre of London.

London Stansted Airport
Waiting to board the Stansted Express to the centre of London

I would like to thank Visit Budapest for helping to make this short break possible. As always, all views and opinions are entirely my own.

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45 thoughts on “Day 6. Budapest – along the Danube

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  5. ThingsHelenLoves

    The paint-your-water looks interesting, it’s always nice when hotels have something a little different on offer. I hope you enjoyed your final day despite the weather not playing the game. I feel terribly British now for mentioning the weather!

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    1. Your lovely comments are always appreciated Sue. Hope your week is going well. My friend Jane’s hopes of watching Andy Murray have now been dashed but I’m certain she will enjoy watching other players. Have you started planning your U.K. trip yet? Marion.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi M. Oh shame for Jane. But as you say she will enjoy watching others. I am holidaying in Seminyak at the moment with my brother and nephew. We have finally come up with a date to travel to the UK. It’s later than we initially anticipated: December 2020. We want a cold and snowy experience again. Australia is so hot this time of year. Yuck!! I will def keep you updated along the way

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