Day 3. Petrin Hill and a walk along the Vltava river, Prague

After breakfast we decided to visit Petrin Hill and Observation Tower.  Getting there was by funicular from Ujezd Street in the Lesser Town.  The funicular railway forms part of the Prague public transport system so our day ticket covered this journey.

Petrin Hill, Prague
Petrin Hill, Prague

On reaching the summit of Petrin Hill we saw a replica of Paris’s Eiffel Tower in front of us, it’s called the Petrin Observation Tower and was built in 1891 for the Jubilee exhibition.

Petrin Observation Tower, Prague
The Petrin Observation Tower
Petrin, Prague
At Petrin

Although the tower is only 60 metres tall it appears larger as it’s built on a hill top.  It’s possible to climb the 290 steps to the viewing platform for good views over Prague but as it was hazy today we didn’t go up.  The tower is set in landscaped gardens and a planetarium is also on the site.  We had a pleasant stroll through the rose gardens and could see the many spires and turrets of Prague down below from the park walls.

Typical Prague pub
Lunch venue

Returning to the city centre, we warmed ourselves with bowls of thick pea and ham soup in one of the many cafes.  We then enjoyed a walk on the far bank of the Vltava river which provided us with many lovely views not only of buildings but also of the ducks and swans on the partly frozen river.

Near Charles Bridge, Prague
Near Charles Bridge

After a little rest back at our hotel we enjoyed a hearty dinner in a beer hall near our hotel.

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