Day 25. An evening in Haukilahti, Espoo

Part Two:

Haukilahti is a small coastal town located in Espoo, west of Helsinki.  It has an attractive marina, yacht club and some inviting cafe/bars.  It’s not very far from where I’m staying and I came here this evening with Suvi from Destination: Everywhere, a Finnish blogger who I’ve been in contact with through my posts and who I’d been looking forward to meeting for some time.

Cafe Mellsten, Haukilahti, Espoo
Terrace of Cafe Mellsten, Haukilahti

Southern Finland is experiencing a heatwave at present so we went to Cafe Mellsten which has a lovely sunny beachfront terrace.  As it was such a warm evening, the restaurant was crowded but we managed to find an available table on the terrace overlooking the sea.  Although we hadn’t met previously, conversation flowed easily, in fact we chatted throughout the evening as if we’d known each other for ages!  It was so nice to meet in person as we had been reading and commenting on each other’s blogs for almost a year.

Cafe Mellsten, Haukilahti, Espoo
Goat’s cheese salad at Cafe Mellsten, Haukilahti

Looking at the menu, we both settled on Goat’s Cheese Salad as it was such a warm evening.  The dish arrived beautifully presented and tasted delicious and from the terrace we were in a good position to watch families relaxing on the beach and enjoying a late evening dip in the sea – on such a lovely evening it’s the perfect place to be!

Cafe Mellsten, Haukilahti, Espoo
Enjoying my evening with Suvi

In the above photo you can see us both enjoying our evening together (it’s me on the right).  This is my second ‘Bloggers meet up’ and, although I’d never considered the possibility before Susan from Finding NYC  kindly invited me to meet her whilst I was in New York City back in January I was keen to do a ‘meet up’ a second time around as meeting Susan had been so successful and so much fun!

Haukilahti, Espoo
View from Cafe Mellsten, Haukilahti

From a bitterly cold winter’s evening in New York City to a Finnish heatwave, it was quite a contrast weather wise, but the welcome on both occasions was warm and friendly and I had a splendid time.  Thank you Suvi!

I do hope we get an opportunity to meet again in either the UK or Finland but until we do I’ll enjoy reading her posts and if you would like to do so as well, you can pop over to Suvi’s blog.


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19 thoughts on “Day 25. An evening in Haukilahti, Espoo

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  2. So fun to read about our meetup on the blog! 😍 You captured it very well, it was like we were old friends! I really enjoyed our evening together and hope you will be coming back to Finland next summer. xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hello Marion.

    Nice post with beautiful and inviting photos. I enjoyed reading that You have met another bloggers – very thrilling. This part of Espoo is quite unknown to me. My wife has lived in Tapiola and much later we both us in northern part of Espoo.

    Happy weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

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