Day 1. A winter weekend in Edinburgh

It’s not long since I returned from Madeira, my short working week over, I was off on my travels again.  Late on a Thursday afternoon I was on my way to Scotland’s capital city, travelling by train on a Cross Country service.  I had reserved a window seat and although it was already dark, its nice and cosy to be able to curl up in the corner.  I enjoy travelling by train, not the short commuter routes, but those long journeys when I can sit for several hours encapsulated in a metal tube relaxing with the soothing, gentle rocking motion of the train.

I travelled alone but had everything I needed to keep me happy – sandwiches, a drink, chocolates and various bits of electronic gadgetry. On my Kindle, by coincidence, I’m currently reading ‘The Girl on the Train’ by Paula Hawkins, a psychological thriller, not a genre I would usually select but I’m finding it captivating.

As the train pulled into Newcastle, the River Tyne came into view, the lights from its bridges twinkling in the night sky.  The journey northwards from here hugs the coast, and if it were light, one would be able to view the rugged Northumberland coastline and, on a fine day, Lindisfarne (Holy Island).

Scot's Piper, Edinburgh
Scottish piper outside Edinburgh’s Waverley Station

My journey reached its end at Edinburgh Waverley Station, and as I climbed the steps that brought me out onto Princes Street I felt at peace with the world.  Over the last few years I have spent much time in this northern city and I feel a sense of belonging.  I’d arranged to meet my son who was arriving by plane, it’s less than four weeks since we were last together but its still exciting to be able to spend the weekend together.

Travelodge Queen Street, Edinburgh
Travelodge Queen Street, Edinburgh

We met as planned and enjoyed supper together in ‘The Standing Order’ pub before checking in to our hotel, the Travelodge Queen Street Edinburgh.

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15 thoughts on “Day 1. A winter weekend in Edinburgh

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    1. I enjoyed it, it’s not my usual type of book but I found it gripping and hard to put down. One of my favourite authors is Alexander McCall Smith, particularly his Scotland Street and Sunday Philosophy Club series. Have you read any of these?

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  6. I absolutely love the journey between Newcastle and Edinburgh, looking out to Holy Island and the rugged Cumbrian coast, and arriving under the cliffs supporting Edinburgh castle is the icing on the cake! Of course this journey in reverse inspired Harry Potter…
    Are you going further to explore the rest of Scotland? The coach journey from Edinburgh to Fort William is stunning at this time of year, as you go over the russet browns of Rannoch Moor with the top half of the peaks covered in snow. Fort William to Mallaig is then one of the classic train journeys of the world, going over the Glenfinnan viaduct (more fun for Harry Potter fans!), whether by steam or normal train. And then the journey to the Outer Isles of the Hebrides…

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