Day 5. A day in Pisa

Leaning Tower of Pisa
Leaning Tower of Pisa
The four days we spent in Florence flew by but we managed to see most of the main sights and some of the many art treasures in this beautiful city.    We checked out of our apartment after breakfast and headed back to the railway station for the one hour journey to Pisa, which is located in the north of Tuscany.  It’s a few years since we last visited Pisa but as our return flight to the UK wasn’t until the evening, we decided it was a good opportunity to take another look.
Pisa, Tuscany
Pisa, Tuscany
It was a sunny morning as we wandered along the River Arno admiring the sandstone buildings overlooking the riverside.  Crossing the river over the town’s main bridge we visited the UNESCO World Heritage Piazza Miracole (Cathedral Square) and spent some time admiring the famous Leaning Tower, The Duomo, Baptistry and Campo Santo.  It didn’t seem as crowded as on our previous visit which was an added bonus.
Market Hall, Pisa
The Market Hall, Pisa

After leaving the Leaning Tower, we explored the narrow, cobbled lanes that took us to the main square.  Here we viewed some of the beautiful Renaissance university buildings ‘Normale de Pisa’ with their ornate marble statues.  We had ample time for a meal in one of the local restaurants before returning to the airport by train in good time for our flight back to London Stansted.

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