Day 3. A day in the Swiss Alps

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La Cure
The plan this morning was to head out of the city and take a look at the snow clad Alps.  We took a train to Nyon from where we transferred to the rack and pinion mountain railway up the steep ascent to  La Cure on the Swiss/French border.   As we climbed higher, the snow levels deepened and at La Cure we found it coming over the tops of our boots.  It was beautiful here, clear blue skies and fresh mountain air, a tiny mountain border village.

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La Cure, France
Back on the train we continued to St Cerque, a mountain ski village at the end of the line.  It’s a picture perfect alpine village with charming old buildings.  We warmed up with steaming hot bowls of soup and chunky slices of rye bread in a small cafe then continued on our way to the ski slopes where local families were having fun on skis and sledges.  At a nearby tourist office we obtained a local walking map so decided to follow a 90 minute trail to La Givrine which would take us to the next station down the line.

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Lunch time cafe in St. Cerque, France
It was an exhilarating trek along snow clad mountain paths and two thirds of the way along we spotted a mountain restaurant in the distance so we made a short detour for mugs of tea and local pastries.  It was blissful sitting out on the terrace in the winter sunshine, it would have been nice to linger longer but we needed to get going as the mountain railway only passed by once each hour and we didn’t want to miss it.

VLUU P1200  / Samsung P1200
Mountain Railway at St. Cerque, France
VLUU P1200  / Samsung P1200
We made the connection, then on arrival in Nyon where we had to change to a regular train, we chose to break our journey and take a look around.  It’s an attractive coastal town north east of Geneva with historic squares and houses with artistic painted walls.  There was time for a cup of tea before returning to base in Geneva.

9 thoughts on “Day 3. A day in the Swiss Alps

    1. That journey was amazing, the scenery was just like you see on the tops of old fashioned chocolate boxes. The weather couldn’t have been better with the blue skies and the blanket of snow. I’m glad you enjoyed reading my post. Thank you for your comment.


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