Day 4. A Vaporetto ride to Murano and Burano

Murano, Italy
It was raining once again at breakfast time but we still decided to visit the outlying islands of Murano and Burano as planned.  On arrival in Murano we headed indoors to the famous glass factory where we were just in time to watch a glass blowing demonstration and then look round the factory shop.

Sheltering under umbrellas we walked along the narrow cobbled pathways beside the canals.  The small shops here had mullioned glass windows and we admired the glass ornaments and vases on display.    It was then a short wait at the water bus stop for the Vaporetto to Burano, famous for its lace making.

Unfortunately as we arrived here the rain became much heavier but with our hoods up as well as our umbrellas we plodded on.  Our spirits being raised with the brightly coloured cottages along the banks of the canals and the shops filled with exquisite lace cloths.  After tea and cakes in a quaint little tea shop it was back to Venice on a direct service water bus.

On our return, we called in our nearest supermarket, Billa, overlooking a canal for pizza and wine as we planned to eat in our apartment tonight.

Billa our nearest supermarket in a beautiful setting

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