Day 3. Visiting Cascais and Estoril from Lisbon

Cascais harbour, Portugal
Cascais harbour, Portugal

The train to Cascais departs from Lisbon’s other station, ‘Cais da Sotre’.  The line runs along the coast so be sure to sit on the left hand side to take in the sea views on the 35 minute journey.  We loved Cascais, it’s a compact town with a pretty working harbour. We watched fishermen landing their catch and small boats bobbing up and down in the water.

Cascais, Portugal
Wavy pavements in Cascais

The town centre has pedestrianised streets with the traditional Portuguese black and white ‘wavy’ pavements.  After sipping coffees overlooking the harbour, we followed the coastal path all the way along to Estoril.  It was a bright, sunny day but it was quite windy, and this was creating big waves which were crashing into and over the sea wall, spraying sea water on us as we passed.  After pausing several times to take photos, we climbed up to the cliff top to explore Estoril but unlike Cascais there wasn’t much to interest us.


A large casino seemed to be the focal point with a few hotels and residential developments nearby.  We were able to return to Lisbon from Estoril and on leaving the train at Cais da Sodre we crossed the road to look inside the market there.  Some of the stalls had already closed for the day but we viewed the remainder, buying ourselves some fruit.

Cascais, Portugal
Cascais, Portugal

Before nightfall we returned to the main square, Praco de Commercial to take some photos as it had been very misty on our earlier visit.  We then had dinner in one of the restaurants just off the main square before returning to our hotel after another action packed day. 

Cais de Sodre Market, Lisbon
Cais de Sodre Market, Lisbon

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