Day 3. Petronas Towers and Jalan Alor

At 2.00 pm we set off again, this time to KLCC Park  from where we took photos of the famous Petronas Towers.  Although there was still haze overhead,  the tops of the towers were visible.  Around the far side of the complex, lies a small park with fountains and a shallow lake, popular with children.

Gardens surrounded Petronas Towers

There were better views of the towers from the bridge here, so we paused to take photos before taking a look in the upscale Suria Mall below the towers.   We moved indoors just in time, as there was a large crack of thunder followed by a heavy rain shower.  Hopefully this rain might help to clear some of the haze over the country.  The Air Pollution Index (API) now stands extremely high.

Suria Mall
On returning to the hotel we called in the Cold Storage supermarket for some Tiger beer and crisps, and after an hour’s sleep we freshened up, made a Skype call to home and then headed back out to the food street of Jalan Alor.  It had now stopped raining so we were able to eat outdoors, selecting a different restaurant from last night.  Tonight we settled on Salt and Pepper Prawns and Chicken Fried Rice, both very good choices.

It was 10.30 pm when we returned to our hotel and after a quick look on our iPads we were soon ready for bed

5 thoughts on “Day 3. Petronas Towers and Jalan Alor

  1. Thanks for the like of my Museums for Fun in Bratislava. Looks like you hit all the highlights and a few lowlights of Kuala Lumpur. Your article about the Petronas towers brought back memories of my friends who had a network/computer consultancy there. I have a photo of my daughter standing alone on the bridge that connects the two towers. Cheers

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