Day 2. Exploring Santa Ponca, Mallorca

Santa Ponca, Mallorca
Our hotel built into the cliff (second from left)

After a good night’s sleep we enjoyed breakfast on the restaurant terrace overlooking the pool and Santa Ponca bay.  We decided to stay local and explore on foot finding a coastal path that led us onto the main beach and around the bay to opposite where we were staying.  The path then came to an abrupt end so we retraced our steps and wandered around the small town.

Santa Ponca beach
Santa Ponca beach

There wasn’t so much to see, streets lined with a collection of uninviting English and Irish themed pubs, some shabby looking cafes and shops selling the usual tourist tat.  It certainly lacked the sophistication of Palma.  Still, it was early season and many of the bars were yet to open,  so although uninspiring, it was quiet and not a problem to us. As we hadn’t found a bar to our liking, we called in a supermarket and bought wine, beer and crisps and returned to our room to enjoy these on our balcony.

During the afternoon we went down to the pool as the temperature had risen to 24 degrees.  There were plenty of comfortable sun loungers and swim up beds available to relax on.  The pool though was freezing so we didn’t linger in there very long.  On returning to our room we decided to try out the large jacuzzi.  This was good but took simply ages to fill.

Dinner was again delicious, we had steaks cooked to perfection and couldn’t resist sampling several of the desserts.  To make up for this overeating we walked along the coastal path enjoying watching the sun set.

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