Day 1. A weekend in Madrid

We took the car to Manchester Airport, leaving home mid morning and as we were quite early we decided to stop for lunch at the Trafford Centre (Shopping  Mall) which is north of the airport.   Feeling refreshed, we continued onto the Boundary  Farm long stay car park which is literally at the end of the runway, resulting in a five minute shuttle bus transfer to the terminal.

Garden near palace, Madrid
Gardens near the Palace

Manchester Airport was unusually quiet that afternoon as it was the first of a two day French air traffic controllers strike.  Fortunately, our Ryanair flight was unaffected and took off just 30 minutes late.

Garden near palace, Madrid
Gardens near the Palace

It was early evening when we arrived in Madrid.  We took the metro to Place D’Espana as our accommodation was about a ten minute walk from there.

We had booked an apartment at Wo Homitel which was modern, spacious and well equipped and located just behind the Royal Palace.  We found a nearby tapas bar for late evening drinks and food and sat outside in the warm Spanish evening temperature.

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