Day 4. Clarke Quay, Singapore

After a refreshing dip in the hotel’s infinity pool and a shower, we were ready to head out again.  In the evening we decided to stay local and eat at Clarke Quay, just over the road from our hotel.  This district by the Singapore River has been transformed in recent years with bars and restaurants along the waterfront making it a lively destination.

Our dinner at Clarke Quay Central, Singapore
Our dinner at Clarke Quay Central, Singapore

We had dinner in the indoor food court at Clarke Quay Central, the food tasting good, and was cheap but it lacked the atmosphere of Gluttons Bay.  We made up for this though by walking along the riverside,  where there was plenty of atmosphere to be soaked up. There is a reverse Bungee Jump on one side and it was fun watching people taking this ride.  We found an ice cream shop with a lengthy queue and lots of mouthwatering flavours to choose from, so we thought it must be good.

Clarke Quay waterfront at night
Clarke Quay waterfront at night

We selected salted caramel ice cream cones and took these to the water’s edge where we sat on the wall (like everyone else) watching the small tour boats with their twinkling lights pass by.  One tip,  try to eat the ice cream quickly as in the tropical heat it melts very fast, ours dripped and we had to mop up with some tissues.

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