Day 31. Farewell Finland 

I shouldn’t be sad that we had to leave southern Finland and return home today, not many people are so fortunate as me to be able to go away for an entire month.  I did have a heavy heart though as we gathered our belongings together before taking one last forest walk in the warm sunshine.

Otsolahti, Espoo
Otsolahti, Espoo

I’ll miss so much,  the beautiful Finnish nature, the countless lakes,  the friendly and polite people,  the ‘white nights’ – the days when it stays light until midnight, the safe environment – always feeling safe and secure wherever I am, city or countryside, day or night.  You might not think that I’m happy living in the UK, but of course I am, and where we live is really lovely too but Finland is so special to me!  In a recent poll it was found that Finland has the highest standard of living in the world, if you are interested you can read the recent Daily Telegraph article about it here.

Lauttasaari, Helsinki
By the seaside in Helsinki

So many things to take back,  Fazer chocolate bars in various flavours.  Have you tried Fazer ?  This Finnish chocolatier produces delicious chocolate, and not quite as sweet as for example, Lindt.  Their new flavour this year ‘Salted Toffee Crunch’ is now my favourite and I’m already on my second large bar!    We are returning home laden with some Finnish cheese, dark rye bread, tubes of mustard, Karelian pies and last but not least, the love it or hate it, sharp, sour flavoured Fazer Salmiakki salted liquorice, which of course I adore!

Fazer chocolate, Finland
A selection of Finnish products returning home with me

We returned to the airport by bus and train.  Taking the bus from our local stop in Espoo into Helsinki was a poignant moment for us.  The journey takes no more than 15 minutes but it must be one of the most scenic bus rides around.  To get into the city centre the bus travels across long bridges over the sea providing travellers with splendid views across the archipelago but, alas, this is all to change.   The underground  ‘Länsimetro’ was due to be extended to the west and open in August but has been delayed for several months, but as it is likely to be running when we return next summer we’ll miss these views as we’ll be in a tunnel.  Of course, we can walk along the shore line ourselves but it will be sad not to enjoy this view several times each day – still, like everything else it will have some benefits and I’m sure we will eventually get used to the change.

Finnair Helsinki to London Heathrow
Waiting at the gate for our flight

On arrival at the airport, I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was crammed full of scouts with their backpacks and soft bags scattered everywhere!  I’d seen on the news that Finland had been hosting an international jamboree and that 17,000 scouts had been camping in the forest but I hadn’t anticipated bumping into so many of them here at the airport! They were very friendly and I seemed to get asked repeatedly to take photos of them on their phones and cameras before they parted from their newly made friends.

Coffee and cinnamon buns in Finland
Coffee and cinnamon buns

It was then time to depart and return to England after our lovely Finnish holiday. Hopefully we’ll be back again next summer as, in my opinion, there is no place nicer to be than Finland in mid-summer.   Thank you for taking the time to read this series of Finnish posts – perhaps  I might even have persuaded some of you to visit Finland yourselves!

Finally,  a note to my Finnish readers – thank you for following my blog and for your welcome comments and observations –  I do hope I have portrayed your country in a deserving manner!

Hei Hei / Bye Bye


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33 thoughts on “Day 31. Farewell Finland 

  1. jasonlikestotravel

    Didn’t read all 31 days, tried to stick to Helsinki-ish specific posts but fascinating nonetheless. My dad was actually suggesting today to bring home some Fazer, although said to steer clear of the salted liquorice haha.

    You’ve made me wish I was going longer than just the bank holiday weekend mind you. I might have to return quite soon! This first visit was already long overdue so hopefully won’t be as long a wait for trip number two.


  2. My university roommate is from Helsinki and I was fortunate enough to visit her a few years back on our way home from Russia. Finland, and especially Helsinki, is such a beautiful place. Thank-you for sharing your journey and bringing back many fond memories for me. If I could have brought back food to Canada from there (you were so lucky to bring back your treasure trove!), I would have brought back a jar of pickled herring in those creamy sauces! Wish I’d known about the salted toffee crunch!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am so happy that you enjoyed your holiday in Finland. You have been so active and seen so many great places. I hope you will return again next year for some more Finnish adventures! By that time the metro should also run to Espoo. It was originally postponed until January but just a couple of days ago they told that it is not happening.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and images of Finland. I have never been but thanks to you I know more about the country than I did a month ago and now I’m interested in seeing it for myself. Happy travels and welcome home. Brick

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Before reading your posts on Finland, it wasn’t on my travel map – but it is now. You give a real and very positive feel for the country.
    While you’re back in England, you might be interested in time travelling. Check out my novel, The White Limousine available on KOBO.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Susan, Thank you for taking the time to read my Finnish posts and for your much appreciated comments. No, we haven’t visited Iceland yet but it’s a country that we most definitely do want to travel to. I’m sure we will enjoy the natural beauty there also.


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